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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘In The Heart of the Sea’ TV spot

‘Crashing’ promo

Madagascan vanilla yogurt - okay.

‘Snow Chick’ was cute.

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Curvilinear disparity.”

“Unpalatable answer.”

“Unspoken dialogue.”

“I really don’t like you at all.”

“She banned her girls from wearing black underwear.”


“Dread and trepidation.”

“Liberal critique.”

“Seek comfort in false memories.”

“Many of our earliest memories are a blend of retrieved impressions and old photographs. We reconstruct how we must have felt as the protagonist of the picture and rewrite that extrapolation in the first person.”

“Fictionalise tracts of the collective past.”

“Nostalgia is intrinsically conservative. It dwells on loss and seeks comfort in false memory.”

“You’re kicked your father out of the car into a layby somewhere on the M40.”

“You’ve knelt outside your mother’s bedroom asking through the keyhole how many spoons of gravy powder you’re meant to use, because she’s refusing to come out until somebody apologises.”

“I simply assumed the January sales were there so you could stock up on all the crockery, ornaments and furniture you had smashed during the previous week.”

“Whether you need to invite Uncle Mick this year after he urinated in the amaryllis in 2012.”

“Ended up stripping down to his vest, swearing profusely at his elderly mother and then locking himself in the toilet to read a book about Churchill for the rest of the day.”

“Festive house arrest.”

“Knuckle-whitening friction.”

“Turns the petty-cruel.”

“’Andy Murray is duller than a weekend in Worthing’. Which I thought was a bit harsh to Worthing.”

“Viscum album.”

“Posh magic boarding schools with no fees.”



“Would rather he did not exist.”

“They had to come and carry me out of the toilet.”

“Vowelly yowling.”

“Had a famously poor relationship with both of them.”

“Protecting my choices.”


“People will never break their belief system.”

“It feels like I am invisible. People don’t want to associate with me.”

“Weeps at what she regards as the injustice of the collective judgment against her.”

“Utterly intolerable.”

“The moment when fashion starts inventing “looks” for activities is always the moment when you know they have arrived.”

“Callous opportunist.”

“The outpouring of sympathy didn’t last long.”

“The ridicule was instantaneous.”

“Some weird commie slab.”

“A grizzled ascetic.”

“Leaving him in despair.”

“Endless monochrome smoking selfies.”

“Who doesn’t seem to like anything much at all.”

‘TV3 News’ Quote:
“Taking of alcohol in the home.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“A level of hostility that shocked me.”

“A sense of being unwelcome in my own county.”

“Unfairly vilified.”
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