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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Joy’ TV spot

‘Aladdin’s Flying Carpet’ ad

‘Indian Summers’ series 2 promo

Lemon curd yogurt - gross.
Toffee & caramel yogurt - okay.
Grapefruit - good.

I will review ‘White Jenna’, ‘She Walks In Shadows’, ‘Madame de Pompadour’, ‘A Mountain Walked’, ‘Indexing: Reflections’, ‘Starbound’ and ‘The Devil’s Ark’.

Recall Girl’s World Head?

‘The Sound of Music Live!’ was horrible.

‘Bear’s Wild Adventure With Barack Obama’ was okay.

The 1983 ‘One Dark Night’ had a cheesy VHS cover.

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Somebody else is the other, and we banish the other.”

“Social critics.”

“Perennial slurs.”

“A passionate defence of his own popularity.”

“Any substantial answer.”

“Emotionally exploitive and sentimental.”

“Brilliantly unsentimental.”

“Light folkloric twinges.”

“Shady and compromised.”

“The rottenness underneath.”

“Pall of grim foreboding.”

“Something absolutely remorseless and absolutely terrifying.”

“Terrifying vortex of hysteria and suspicion.”

“Caustic logic.”

“Burgeoning scepticism.”



“Harmless chump.”

“Public opprobrium.”

“Prague mafia stonewashed jeans.”

“Gravely disappointed.”

“The more you get angry, the less they listen to you anyway.”

“Canapé fatigue!”

“A house trembling row.”

“One minute, two sixtysomethings in paper crowns were discussing fitness routines, the next my uncle was holding my dad up to the wall by his throat.”

“It’s a euphemism for loo-cleaning.”

“Less attractive character traits.”

“An impatience that borders on contempt.”

“Emotional journey.”

“Piquant thought.”

“Stagey and miscast.”

“Stodgy, wooden and unbearably slow.”

“Significant and unjustifiable delays.”

“Social mobilisation.”

“No fruitful discussion.”


“All egomaniacs and eating disorders.”

“Practised indifference.”


“Insanely difficult.”

“Attribute blame.”

“Perplexing behaviour.”

“Urinating into the oven.”

“Visible attrition.”

“A mimetic shambles.”

“Obvious contentment.”

“A loveless Serbian prostitute.”

“Brimming, shining, innocent hope.”

“Such vacancy.”

“Snivelling narcissism.”

“Luscious pastiche.”

“Trumps any sense of caution.”

“Onomatological air.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“How it blows.”

“Acute feminine over-reaction.”

“What doesn’t make you hot?”
“Alcoholic stepfather.”

“Some loon-o.”

“What’s a vagabond?”

“That’s bad too.”

“I’m usually sweating when we talk.”

“We wash the ketchup out of the old onion rings.”

“He might look it up and set us on fire.”

“Snitches lose their stitches.”

“Form a line in order of medication.”

“They don’t react.”

“Your empty souls.”

“Suspicious weddings.”

“Dark door on the back that has no lock.”

“You started out life as a bad decision.”

“Science of ‘Thor’ exhibit.”

‘The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole’ Quotes:
“Barry Kent smuggled two cans of ‘Tartan’ bitter though the fire doors. His gang of six shared them and got leglessly drunk.”

“It was cold and dark and some yobs were throwing chips about in the street.”

“He watches ITV all day.”

“Jesus would have turned in his tomb.”

“The shop was full of sweating men buying women’s underwear.”

‘The Rich Kids Of Instagram’ Quotes:
“I don’t need you as a friend.”

“Lip injections.

“Is this exclusive to Europe?”

‘Evicted At Christmas’ Quote:
“They will not get vacant possession.”
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