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Supergirl 1x08 + Reign 2x22 + The Man From UNCLE 1x20&1x21 Reviewed

Hostile Takeover
Astra has returned and wields the kryptonite dagger. Alex lies. Cat Grant has been hacked. Kara’s arm has healed and nobody notices. Winn spits underhanded insults. Astra’s husband Non shows up. Alex needs a slap. Astra spews back-story and we get a flashback of child Kara doing wildly exaggerated reactions.

There is bad wire-fu and bad green screen. Alura wasn’t a good woman. The visual quality of this show is not so good. Winn annoys. Cat Grant has a past and her plotline is completely lacking in imagination. Astra makes claims. There is a mention of Opal City. I’ve no idea what Astra is up to, Cat figures it out, Lord is an ass and there are endless fights and a cliffhanger. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I know you hate me.”

“The AI of my mother.”

“Corporate wrongdoing.”

“We’re done with fair!”

“She called me a liar too. She had to.”

“An unfortunate necessity.”

“Make sure the press get plenty of pictures of him being dragged out.”

“You don’t fight like a human.”
“Because I’m not.”

So ends season 2. Catherine rants and there is a preponderance of overacting. Mary stabs Conde and ends his coup. Mary’s bad choices are still prevalent. Poor Conde, at least he escapes. Kenna’s lover is executed. Kenna is horrifically selfish. People accuse Elizabeth of plotting, Mary was the plotter. Francis has badly acted hysteria about his bastard son that never existed. Kenna is pregnant with a bastard child and Bash rejects her golddigging ass. Catherine plots. Bash’s lover carries out black magic or does she?

There is so much screaming and Catherine is banished for all the crap she’s pulled. Francis visits Nostradamus. Kenna goes into exile but somehow she still manages to become pen pals with a young King. Who said pen pals in the 16th century? Kenna is a shameless tart. What is going on with Bash’s witch girlfriend? She escapes being burnt at the stake and runs off. Francis is dying, yay finally! To top the quagmire of dysfunction Catherine allies herself with Elizabeth I (Rachel Skarsten of ‘Birds of Prey’). This was okay, roll on season 3.

Best Lines:
“Too merciful to her!”

“Horrid, dank hole.”

“His already vengeful brother.”

“I will quash these rumours.”

“God save you from his wrath.”

“Ungodly acts.”

“She won’t run. Where would she go?”

“My Lord are you unwell?”

“I’m dying.”
“Yes, you are.”

The Bow-Wow Affair
This is an Illya centric ep. Solo is injured so Illya is sent to protect a cousin of Mr Waverly from gypsies and their phantasmagorty evil. Illya meets the innocent du jour, Mr Waverly’s cousin is apparently eaten by his dog, the gypsies have a deliriously absurd plot and there are chases, the innocent hurls herself at Illya, a fat fox runs and Illya gets wet. This was very good.

Best Lines:
“Mending faster than my dignity.”

“Are you free?”
“No man is free who has to work for a living. But I’m available.”

“Just how good is that dog?”

“Everything I want, I have.”

“I’ll have his teeth for cufflinks.”

The Four-Steps Affair
A boy lama is in peril. UNCLE has flipchart maps. THRUSH lingers. The annoying child actor is like Manny from ‘Modern Family’. Conflict prevention does not work. This ep was not commendable. The innocent du jour whines. Solo has serious badass decay as he sports his old, ugly, unflattering hairstyle. What is the point of anything this episode chronicled? Illya is in peril but oddly Solo is deterred from going after IK at once. I’m dissuaded from caring. Solo fixes his hair and hums and then goes to save IK. The moron innocent needs a kicking. Solo calls IK “A very good friend of mine.” This was dull.

Best Lines:
“Not so much anymore.”

“Was she every lucky enough to find one?”
“No. No. That was granny’s constant frustration. But she never quit looking.”

“I shall retreat to the other room discreetly.”

“You are offensive sir.”
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