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Movie Reviews: Hell Night + This Is The End + You're Next

Hell Night (1981)
Four college pledges have to spend the night in a creepy abandoned old house where a mass murder happened. The wildest fraternity on campus has a wild window breaking party and then the perm sporting president Peter dumps the four pledges at creepy Garth Manor. He regales Marti (Linda Blair), Seth (Vincent Van Patten), Jeff (Peter Barton) and Denise (Suki Goodwin) with the gory history of Garth Manor. Then the foursome are locked in for the night. Cue wooden acting, fancy dress and people praying for dawn. This starts out well and has a nice ending but even with all the chases and murders, this is kind of dull and talky and populated with frat morons.

Best Lines:
“Lived isolated in this house for 14 years with his freakshow.”

“This place is pretty radical.”
“It is that.”

“Quaaludes and Jack Daniels.”

This Is The End (2013)
Seth Rogen and James Franco play versions of themselves in this terrible unfunny comedy. During a Hollywood party full of jerks, the end begins. There is death, sex jokes, vulgarity and no ramifications.

Best Lines:
“I’m on a cleanse, I’m not psychotic.”

“Thanks James Franco.”

“You do seem to hate a bunch of things.”

“Serial killers are that nice.”

“You heard the TV.”

You’re Next (2011)
A family reunion turns into a massacre in his misfire that prompts inattention. Various near-identical types have palpable discord in this much-feted mess. The characters have lack of emotions and cry salty tears of rage as they are killed. This is not a work of a certain quality - it is fatuous and reductive.
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