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Fringe Season 1 Ep 19 Review

The Road Not Taken

A woman spontaneously combusts in the street. The FBI are on the trail of William Bell. Olivia has visions of a bleak alternate reality. The plot is all coming together now, Bell wrote the ZFT manifesto and there is apparently a chapter missing from the final volume. Nina Sharp reappears at long last to protest that Bell is not the enemy. The IA burk returns, is revealed to be evil and is promptly incinerated by a pyrokinetic. A fitting end. Peter has built a device that can recover audio from window glass and that can interact with an iphone. Olivia finally confronts Walter over his drug experiments

The glimpses of the alternate reality are good. It isn't a pleasant place, buildings are on fire. There's enough trash and graffiti to signal that this is a dystopia. Charlie has a scar and issues shoot to kill orders. Plus 1/2 of Boston is under lockdown quarantine. Why is the reality so bleak? Which is the real reality? Where exactly is William Bell travelling? Who shot Nina? Where did the Observer take Walter? Where were Peter and walter in the other reality?

This was good. The ad on the bus for Massive Dynamic was hilarious - 'What don't we do?'.

Best Line:
"Why does she look so familiar?"
"Maybe because you dissected her twin sister yesterday."

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