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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

Reign’ 3x08 promo
What? This looks relentlessly lacklustre.

Best Line:
“Spain is coming for us.”

‘Z Nation’ season 1 trailer

Best Line:
“I hate moral dilemmas.”

‘Bloody New Year’ (1987) had a cheesy VHS cover.

Club Orange - not so hot.
Pressed & crushed apple, pomegranate, cherry & Acai juice - mediocre.
Gluten free profiteroles - good.
Dark chocolate with sea salt and roasted almond nibs - yum.

A good shop has closed down.

I will review ‘Z-Nation’ season 1 and ‘After The Funeral’.

I won’t review ‘Angel & Faith’ issue 10x21 or ‘The Blacklist’ issue 5 or ‘Child of Two Worlds’.

‘Modern Family’ Quote:
“I thought I smelled failure and cheap hairspray.”

‘The Thundermans’ Quotes:
“Do nothing but get angry.”


“Dumpster mints.”

‘Irish Daily Mail’ Quotes:
“Blatantly ignore.”

“At their most irritating.”

“Creating merry hell.”

“There is always, always a punch up.”

“Far more irritating.”

“Proven virility.”

“Well-worn patience.”

“It’s hard for us to understand each other without frustration.”

“Enduring their cacophony.”

“A typical male grunt.”

“Growing impatience.”

“Spend 20 minutes prodding a puddle with a stick.”

“Constant blare.”


“Bone of contention.”

“Predominantly sedentary.”

“The cloud of his ill-temper.”

“Low-grade, mutual gloom.”

“Silences and distances.”

“Prolonged withdrawal.”

“A huge slug’s dubious intentions.”

“A tirade would ensue.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Conciliatory tone.”

“Moral price.”

“Undesirable people.”

“Respectful and rational way.”

“Extremely threatening, abusive and intimidating.”

“Quite irrational, quite aggressive, quite difficult.”

“Last unhappy disinterment of the same franchise.”



‘Blackadder The Third’ Quotes:
“Cow pat of a book.”

“A cup of your best hot water with grit in it.”

“His household filled with cretinous servants.”

“Do bloody murder on him.”
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