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Book Review: Chimera

Chimera by Mira Grant
The third and final entry in the ‘Parasitology’ series is an improvement after the horrible ‘Symbiont’. The outbreak has spread as the implanted medical parasites turn against their human hosts and take over. Sal tries to figure out a solution while spewing really obnoxious SJW crap about tapeworm rights. She overlooks the fact that there is no forgiveness for what the parasites have done. Quietly terrible things happen and events come to a sort of resolution. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“You stole the bodies you’re standing in, and now you act like you have some divine right to them.”

“You’re convinced that we’re not real.”

“I’m not a bad guy.”
“Which is exactly what a bad guy would say,”

“Build myself a community. Get a reputation for not liking strangers. And never come back.”

“It’s adorable how your kind has imprinted on a second-rate children’s book as your Bible.”
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