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Stuff of the Day

White port - tastes like lighter fluid.
Thai spiced crackers - foul.

I learnt about 19th century complexion wafers.

I may review ‘This is the End’.

I am reading ‘In A Handful of Dust’.

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“My-can’t-help-loving-a-bastard period.”

“His imminent sacking and disgrace.”

“Spiteful updating.”

“Heckler of the year.”

“Very reluctant to believe ill.”

“Running behind a bus for three miles hoping to stab his teacher.”

“Achieve learning objectives.”

“Her pimp hung around not far away.”

“These conversations move honestly.”

“Eminent victim.”


“Courageous moral crusader.”

“Put in a van and carted away.”

“Unfathomable cat way.”

“He claws the wallpaper to shreds.”

“Honking tit jokes.”

“She adopts a tragic pose.”

“Hoiched around like an embellished corpse.”

“Trenchantly opposed.”

“Utterly disparaging,”

“He hates people knowing things.”

“Same fake-gothic Victorian panorama.”

“Inexplicably compelling.”

“Enigmas, presented enigmatically.”

“Malicious and oppressive.”

“Serious, controlled, no smile.”

“Phalanx of shaven-headed bodyguards.”


“Some safe distance away.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:

“Willie’s turning on the sprinklers.”

“Generation-defining dud.”


“I may just call him.”

“Remember when we were A-list?”

“Doe-Eyed Boys.”

“Answer me wimps!”

“When I’m happy, I make holes.”

“What’s the trick here?”

“Tiffany crystal bell.”

“Why is everything yours?”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“She did a bit of a sick on her cardie.”

“Dangerous rhetoric.”

“Dangerous paranoia.”

“Not informed guidance.”



“We perceive a threatening situation.”


“Performative anger.”

“Object of contempt.”

“Darkest, most repugnant selves.”

“Absorbing and troubling.”

“Truth vigilantes.”

“Data-driven hunches.”


“Is a mental commitment.”

“Low-engagement pleasure.”

“Repulsively riveting.”
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