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Book Review: Magic and Loss

Magic and Loss by Nancy A. Collins
This is the 3rd and thankfully last entry in the ‘Golgotham’ saga. The world building and backstory make no sense. Tate is knocked up and the conceptual elements of this saga belie all sense. The Kymera are vile racist classist bozos and Tate’s baby daddy becomes a domestic abuser. There is retconning and Tate is made to go back to her abuser. ‘Evil Dead 2’ is ripped off and there is a birth, a battle, twists and interest is scuppered by terrible writing.

Best Lines:
“White fungus soda.”

“We haven’t spoken to him since he disgraced the family, thirty years ago.”

“Why aren’t you arresting those hippies like I told you to?”

“The sinking of the spires!”

“Slumming it isn’t nearly as much fun when you actually have to live in the slums, is it?”

“It’s that attempting to evade the inevitable is what brings it about.”

“There are consequences for making promises you cannot keep.”
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