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Scream Queens 1x06 + Person Of Interest 4x07 Reviewed

Seven Minutes in Hell
A slumber party leads to stuff. There is bad acting and terrible diction. What are they saying? I have no idea. The Red Devil strikes again. Where is Boone? Chad is so portentous and self-important that he is impossible to take seriously. This is such awfulness. The Charles Manson paternity of Chanel 3 is revealed. This show is increasingly rambling and distracted. Is Sam dead? Yes, oh the humanity! There are secret tunnels and Chanel 6 does a growling and psycho-eyed performance. This ep was peerlessly yawnsome and the cast are acted off the screen by their own clothing. Grace’s father is sick of his stupid child. This was direly unwatchable. The KKT’s throw a dance party and have bad leadership and poor judgement. Chanel is a malevolent muse. Despite what TPTB think this show has a severe lack of narrative novelty.

Best Lines:
“He sounds like an awful parent.”

“Climb you armless bastard!”

“Nobody misses him!”

Honor Among Thieves
Finch’s domestic mastery of the Machine is past. Shaw defies instructions. Reese does his boringly repressed bloke act for his mentor-liberator Finch. This season has been spiritually asphyxiating and has no coherent strategy. This was okay but I do not take it as a sign of improvement. Hard nut Tomas has a decadent lifestyle. Shaw acts in a licentious fashion. There is a theft of a virus which leads to various folks’ undoing. Tomas is hard and blokey and not risk-adverse. Whilst not vivid or complex it was not as gormless or claggy as some other season 4 eps. This has creative value. Reese is eternally grim and barely in this.

Shaw does fish gape and has not even cold warmth. Finch is sanctimoniously dull. There are twists and no moral principles. Our heroes act like faintly contemptible people. There is bad acting. There is foreshadowing that is not intense or memorable. Finch is perplexingly placid. Tablets are going to be used to brainwash toddlers or will they? Disingenuous acts are carried out to stop the possible digital abuse. Finch and co are as disruptive as possible to tight-arsed society norms. A bad dude has insurmountable resentment leading to depression and despair. There is violence and horrible fates. Finch dislikes uncertainty. There is no hugs and learning denouement.

Best Lines:
“I’m not sure what we’re becoming.”

“Build schools. Good schools.”

“He’s a thief and a damn good one.”
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