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Doctor Who 9x11

Heaven Sent
Clara’s dead. Finally. The Doctor is almost alone and rants in ill-disguised fury. A cloak dude follows him with relentless determination. The Doctor babbles. Why do TPTB act like Clara wholly and completely defined his life? Capaldi’s ACTINGS do not heighten the intrigue. This was not pretty enjoyable. Cloak dude whittles options. This largely static ep is an unedifying mess. The Doctor acts like his life will be incomplete without Clara and punches a wall. Dude don’t be devastated beyond words, celebrate! This was all dullness and got less appealing by the minute. Maybe the next series will be less murderously depressing and less full of utter sadness and desolation.

This was not terse, just all existential general aggravation. The script is overreaching and un-ingenious and unfitting. This was unfortunately about as scary as tomato powder. The Doctor is all self perpetuating gleeful hubris and no self-exculpation. This voraciously dull ep is detrimental to anyone caring. Madness travels with the imperiously dull Doctor. There is a ‘twist’ and mumbling about a hybrid.

Best Lines:
“You will run. It will walk. You will rest. It will not.”

“Die faster.”

“Rule one of dying: don’t.”

“It’s always been a lie!”

“Nothing is half-Dalek!”

“The hybrid destined to conquer Gallifrey and stand in its ruins is me.”

Brat Farrar (1986) Episode Three
Brat looks into a quarry. Simon has caustically expressed views which leave people upset and bewildered. People have misgivings. Brat carries on his devious fraud. Simon’s precariousness makes his villainy obvious. It takes forever for every horrible thing he has ever done to finally catch up with him. Simon’s unswerving selfishness and ambition led to murder and attempted murder. Simon issues death threats in tempestuous and unpredictable fashion. The dialogue is far away from natural speech.

This was a dull lumbering conclusion. Brat comes to an awful realisation about Patrick’s fate. Like duh. People are on to Brat. There is horse stuff. Nothing is substantially interesting. There are issues over money and nobody calls the cops about blackmail or attempted murder. Brat’s ‘ally’ runs off, nobody cares about dead Patrick or Brat asking for help. This had no creative gestures. Simon and Brat settle things in a final way. The unavoidable conclusion is that these people have anti-intellectual envy and are stupid. Why else would they ignore Brat’s plea for help and Simon’s obvious murderous antics? Brat’s plea for help being received negatively more or less leads to Simon joining his brother’s rotting corpse in the quarry. Stick with the book.

Best Lines:
“Simon was so vicious.”

“I don’t need favours from that little worm.”

“Patrick and I had nothing in common.”

“Like to know where he is nowadays so I can be somewhere else.”

“So bloody confident aren’t you?”

“I see nothing to prevent it.”

“Oh yes I do.”

“Retribution Simon. Don’t you recognise me?”

“I can’t quite fathom you out at all.”

“There’s nothing about you that I recognise.”

“That’s no compliment.”

“You killed Patrick.”

“Share his death.”

“Stupid little runt!”

The Devil’s Triangle (1974)
This documentary exploring the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle was narrated by Vincent Price. It is full of cryptic crap but no specialised knowledge and no allowance is made for intelligence.

Behind Mansion Walls (2011 - 2013) 2x13

Family Ties
This ep of the true crime documentary series focuses on family massacres. The 2nd part of the ep focuses on Jeremy Bamber. The well to do Bamber family were on a dark trajectory when they adopted Shelia and Jeremy. Then the parents, Shelia and Shelia’s twin sons were shot dead. In 1986 Jeremy was tried and convicted but the pro-Jeremy lot distain Shelia and sneer at the parents. The family had an incomprehensible dynamic. And the structural flaws in this ep emphasis murder for entertainment. TPTB play up the question of which sibling’s inner energies led to this.

Jeremy is a self-satisfied and complacent killer. There is no huge social value in this ep. There is significant disagreement over the trial verdict in this case and Jeremy’s unvouched for claims. A tasteful ‘Top Model Massacres Family’ newspaper headline is shown, it is from when police bought Jeremy’s frame-up of his sister. It is clear that the Bamber family did not always exist harmoniously. Where are Shelia and Jeremy’s biological parents? Innumerable experts comment about Jeremy’s shabby acts.

It is more or less clear that Jeremy killed his family due to money, a deteriorating relationship and egotistical behaviour. The media squalls have no died down despite the fact there is no other reasonable explanation for the murders. It is clear Jeremy is passionately determined to get out. He is vexatious and insupportable and regarded as the worst of the worst and will never be released. Still various minions of his declare the conviction unsound overlooking his opportunistic and cunning behaviour and how he claims he was framed by his relatives. His behaviour is bizarre and unbelievable. This was okay but the bad acting in the re-enactments was bad.

Best Lines:
“Which sibling pulled the trigger?”

“Likes to bait his mother.”

“A troubled mind.”

“A number of psychotic episodes.”

“Unimaginable violence.”

“Quite a charming psychopath.”

“24 hit their target.”

“Off enjoying his inheritance.”

“A terrifying version of what happened.”

“Narcissistic immunity.”

“Very plausible.”


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