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Movie Reviews: Black Rock + The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2

Black Rock (2012)
In this ‘The Descent’ knock-off - 3 highly annoying estranged friends head off to an island. But they do not intend to let grievances drop and instead revel in the conflict generated. This is a botched ‘horror’ of simmering hatreds, ludicrous dialogue and lacklustre performances that are curiously vacant. The women are all scowlers and this was not richly allusive or layered. Not every island is a paradise indeed. They’re on a time capsule hunt or something when they run into some men.

This was short on menace and had no heartfelt outpourings of emotional resonance. This was not an invulnerable work of art. The potentially awkward situations produces no fearless honesty. A sexual indiscretion 6 years ago leads to no headspace analysis. The script deficiencies are just gross incompetence. This was utterly unconvincing.

The dewey eyed speechmaker (Kate Bosworth), the mildly galling one (Lake Bell) and the other one run from the un-nurturing men. Simplistic psychology leads to grunting grim violence. I’m perplexed at how surly everyone was. This is a terrible movie full of nonsensical proceedings and is a pitiful metaphor for something.

Best Lines:
“You never ever apologised.”

“Stupid and over-reacting.”

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2 (2015)
This is self indulgent, morally bogus and emotionally incontinent as TPTB are up their own ass with their own self-deluded mythmaking. This final entry in the franchise was wildly unsatisfactory. The denouement is a disgustingly smug, dirt-worst mess that triggers gaze aversion. Peeta has manpain, Katniss who revolutionarily can act stares, people die, Gale the tree stump impersonator does stuff and there is a lot of sitting around. This was dull and too long and I don’t care about Coin’s callousness and moral neutrality and I just don’t care about Katniss’ reckless stupidity and complete disregard of logic.
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