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Book Reviews: Forces From Beyond + Triplets + Liner

Forces From Beyond by Simon R. Green
The final ‘Ghost Finders’ novel is indefensibly bad. The gang from the Carnacki Institute and the Crowely Project form a dalliance to put an end to The Flesh Undying and various prophesises of doom. Cue chaotic action and characters questing for meaningful personal revelations. This was bad pulp horror designed to communicate only exposition. Cue grasping ambition, personal wreckage and no emotional complications in this hapless finale.

Best Lines:
“Is he alright?”

“Best not to distract him while he’s thinking. About things.”

“I’m not scared of her.”
“Yes you are,”

“Where the hell did these people acquire something as spiritually toxic as that?”

“Made a point of glaring at her rebelliously just on general principles.”

“I could beat him up.”
“Pretty sure you couldn’t.”

“That whole area’s been quiet for years. Ever since we dealt with the Inverted Black Pyramid.”

“Powerful unlife entity.”

“It’s all your fault.”
“So many things are,”

Triplets by Joyce Reeta-Burditt
A dull 80s novel about siblings.

Liner by James Barlow
A horrifically sexist rip-off of ‘The Poseidon Adventure’ as the worst of humanity go down with a ship.
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