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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Jeruzalem’ trailer
Morons go to Israel and eyeball men and then judgment day erupts. This does not look narratively interesting with monsters, water, gunshots, demons and blood.

‘Sisters’ promo

‘Bugs In The Kitchen’ ad

‘How To Change The World’ promo

‘Fast & Furious 6’ promo

‘Og On The Bog’ ad

Pate - yum.
Chapon chocolat noir 76% - good.

The posters for ‘Shadowhunters’ are pure cheese.

An Aged Paper scented room spray? Yay, want it!

I will review ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, ‘A School For Unusual Girls’, ‘Art in the Blood’, ‘The Square Root of Summer’, ‘Departure’, ‘Elusive Salvation’, ‘A Wicked Thing’ and ‘Time Salvager’.

‘Modern Family’ Quotes:
“Sex Grenade.”

“What is that smell?”

“Eggplant jelly?”

“They put me in the ballbag.”

“Your swipe-card wine.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“People make choices and face the consequences.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“How do you represent reality on television.”

“No-frills, handheld authenticity.”

“Lace it with just the right amount of humour, subplot, character detail and so on.”

“Lack of authenticity in the dialogue.”

“All suspiciously and simultaneously changed their evidence.”

“Glad tidings.”

“Only a churl.”


“Main gripe.”

“Expressed incredulity.”

“Fearsome reputation.”

“Anxious and fearful.”


“Elegantly poised and intimated.”

“Live sincerely.”

“Alienating to wider society.”

“The tat is something they revel in, and it becomes very important for them.”

“Misconduct meetings.”

“Low effectiveness.”

“Trashed his reputation.”

“Did not appear coincidental.”

“False and legally inaccurate.”


“Contradictory indicators.”

“Minimalist packaging.”

“Shoutest loudest.”

“Moral and spiritual obligation.”

“One spectacular stunt.”

“Disastrously ill-thought out move.”

“Loudly and decidedly.”

“Fearless, inquisitive and exerting boundless common sense.”


“Rigorously demanding.”

“Paired sadness.”

“Faultless motives.”

The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“You don’t have to live here.”

“I put the ass in assisted living.”

“The cool comatose.”

‘The Great Gatsby’ (2013) Quote:
“Tell them Daisy changed her mind!”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Not sought help for and could not explain.”


“Extreme delay in the process.”

“Break in the line of paternity.”

“Make aspersions.”

“A regular in French courts over similar charges.”

“I can see them now, sitting up in bed waiting for the priest, with their hats on.”

“Awkward struggle.”

“She stepped back from our friendship in a way that I found devastating.”

“Always dominated the conversation.”

“I didn’t actually like her pompous husband.”

“Daft romantic adventures.”

“Unlearn skills and regress.”

“Shared interests diverge.”

“Acts of Naked Aggression.”

“Neck his actually quite special Malbec.”

“Supermarket vin de pays.”

“Felt as though she’d had a personality transplant.”

“Couldn’t feel joy, excitement, happiness.”

“I could care less.”

“Scream constantly, and vomited every feed.”

“You feel useless.”

“Everything would irritate me. I hated the world. If my husband didn’t fill up the milk bottle exactly to 90ml, I’d throw it at him.”

“Spoke to me to ensure I was safe.”

“On the slide worldwide.”


“So ineptly lit it made The Blair Witch Project look like a paragon of clarity.”
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