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The Flash 2x07 + Blindspot (2015 - 2020) 1x01 + Arrow 4x07 Reviewed

Gorilla Warfare
Barry’s recovering, like duh. There is no psychological intensity to his injury. Will Joe and his vituperative, vicious and vile self-importance just go away? I feel total indifference for Joe and his bimbo daughter. Snow tells Harry to stay.  Cisco pervs over Kendra. Barry and everyone else lie to Patty. Why is Barry so adored and revered by everyone?

Only Snow cares about Jesse Quick. Harry is unfairly castigated. Cisco vibes off Kendra - he is annoying not heart-meltingly sincere. Grodd returns. Joe and Iris have total obliviousness to Barry’s despondence. They have a refusal to co-operate with sense. Cisco ‘jocularly’ annoys and Snow punches him the face. What became of fake Wells’ secret room?

Earth Two has intelligent gorillas too. Joe is abusive and deceitful. Expectations for this season were impossibly high. I’m tired of Harry attracting bile. Grodd has Fay Wray aka Snow. Grodd wants more like him. Henry shows up with his ridiculous tonal quirks and spouts platitudes. Will Barry stop being thick? Since when did fake Wells have a backup Reverse-Flash suit? WTF? No he didn’t! That’s ridiculous. This was okay but not sorchingly intense. Harry pretends to be the Reverse-Flash.

Henry’s inadequacy as a father isn’t addressed. Snow is passive. Harry never combs his hair. Where are Zoom and Dr Light and Jay? Barry has the Reverse-Flash ring? Wasn’t fake Wells wearing it when he ceased to be? Grodd ends up in Gorilla City on Earth Two. I’m sure we’ll see more of him. Joe whines to Iris that he wishes he had a son instead of her; he is so unashamedly awful and demeaning. Barry has no moral perspective. Cisco is very disingenuous with Kendra and her tombstone teeth.

Best Lines:
Your fabulous team.”

“I’m continually amazed by the similarity between our two worlds.”

“Caitlin always kind.”

“I don’t know how to do that.”

“15,000 pound mind-controlling gorilla that he could manipulate.”

“Up the creep factor. Like, a lot more.”

“Father never ask. Father take.”

A bag is left in Times Square. The bomb disposal guy freaks out when a naked woman covered in tattoos pops out. Why isn’t she suffering from exposure? Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton of ‘Strike Back’) is the FBI agent linked to this case. The naked woman aka Jane Doe (Jamie Alexander of ‘Thor’) has been dosed with an amnesia drug. Where is the ALCU when she is being manhandled?

Jane’s tattoos are all new. Well 99% of them. They are a puzzle to something. Jane is vulnerable and badly served. Kurt tries to emote. One could succumb with surprising ease to this show. Jane has big sad eyes. The ornate tattoos mean something. Kurt strides down corridors. There is conflict and ambiguities. Jane has social insecurity due to her amnesia. Kurt has sidekicks and isn’t nervous or humble. Kurt has a severe absence of restraint.

There are hints about Jane Doe especially when she beats up some baddies who have snakelike menace. There is a bomb and a mysterious weirdbeard dude. Kurt saves people from a bomb by removing some C4. The Statue of Liberty is in peril. Jane has a black and white flashback to her past and her longer hair that had shining luminosity. Jane emotes in her big granny pants. The weirdbeard guy has an orange-tinged reveal.

This was good and very fast paced. There are no formidable intellects on display. Kurt’s boss Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste of ‘Without A Trace’) has a file that corresponds with one of Jane’s tattoos. This was sprawling and engrossing. But did the gunshot damage one of Jane’s tattoos? Did they test her for hepatitis? When will Kurt and Jane boff? What was the scar on Jane that Kurt was looking at? Was it all a set up?

Best Lines:
“Keep people out or me in?”

“This one tastes like grass trimmings.”

“Not enough ventilation.”

“That’s not good.”

“The devil’s language.”

“You okay?”
“Not really.”

“It’s my only choice.”

Ray annoys. Oliver has an insufferably smug and swaggering attitude. This was not impassioned and has no atmosphere of lament. Why are unaccountable vigilantes allowed to run around? Diggle’s helmet is ridiculous. Diggle is reunited with his brother who he gives up on. Diggle has flawed logic. Damien is on to Lance. Malcolm shows up and nobody turns him in to the cops for the mass murder he committed. This ep was ill-advised. Felicity does no listening, believing or supporting. I don’t care about Diggle’s internal conflict or Damien’s zombie army. Oliver is entirely insulated from sense.

Best Lines:
“Never be too much compliance.”

“According to what? A bunch of twigs?”

“Inexplicable way of excusing anything.”
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