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Trailers, Quotes and 2000 & 2006 Tape Tales

‘Captain America: Civil War’ trailer
This is dark as Steve, Bucky and a bomb play into the plot. The whole civil war is over Bucky? Steve is called a vigilante by General Ross who is in civilian dress. Ross wants supervision. Black Widow and Iron Man turn on Steve and want limitations. No Thor. Flacon and War Machine lurk. Where is Hawkeye? This looks okay.

Best Lines:
“I don’t do that anymore.”

“There will be consequences.”

“Punch you in your perfect teeth.”

“He’s my friend.”
“So was I.”

‘The Good Dinosaur’ TV spot

‘11/22/63’ teaser trailer

‘Blindspot’ 1x02 promo

‘Deutschland 83’ promo

‘Jessica Jones’ promo

‘Rocky Balboa’ (2007) promo

‘Rattle Me Bones’ ad

‘Shallow Hal’ (2001) promo

Fig rolls - okay.
Milk Chocolate with split pecans - ugh.
Watermelon - nice.
Peach & Passionfruit fruitpolis yogurt - good.
Quality Street My Orange Bar - nice.
Cherry cola - good.
Beaujolais-villages Nouveau - okay.

Hic Viglans Somniat - he dreams awake.

Dear houseguests: you drop nut crumbs on the clean floor, make the tablecloth filthy, call our dinner bland and whine about a door. SHUT THE HELL UP and LEAVE with a modicum of grace.

Who else recalls the She-Ra, Jem and Golden Girl dolls?

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Failed to die.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“The internet can be a toilet for idiots.”

“Obvious sadness.”

“Foul-mouthed fantasist.”

“Roars with appalled laughter.”

“Terribly exposing.”

“Presentation and dazzle.”

“Terribly oppressive.”

“Moral maze.”

“Profound philosophical belief.”

“Conscious cruelty.”

“There needs to be public rage about this.”

“Did not consistently act.”

“Attempting to murder her husband by spiking his Cherry Lambrini with anti-freeze on Christmas Day.”

“Noxious substance.”

“Overly reliant.”

“Deal robustly with any further disturbances.”

“Deeply disconcerting.”

“Spiralling inexorably.”

“Aspect of the change.”

“Effervescent spirit.”

“Less ambitious future.”


“Blanket accusations of incompetence and financial profligacy.”


“Erasing aesthetic certainties.”

“Ruinously undermined.”


“Lined up in opposition to the Eiffel Tower, denouncing it as an ugly and hateful column of bolted tin.”

“Unspoilt and tranquil.”


“Private intellectual playpen.”

“Verminous and crawling.”

“Transformative decade.”

“Very ill informed.”

“Labyrinthine Caravanserai.”

“Way nana.”

“Living on popcorn and self-belief.”

“Very impressive authority.”

“Very high expectations of herself.”

“Poetic pulse.”

“Most wonderful and most terrible.”

“What use is £30,000 to anybody?”

“Far less salubrious area.”

“Baleful strangeness.”


“Remarkable instance.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“That could not be more blasphemous.”

‘Underworld: Awakening’ Quotes:
“She has no origin bite marks.”

“I’m not good with feelings.”

‘Revenge’ Quotes:
“It won’t be easy.”
“Is it ever?”

“You painted her as an enemy.”

I’m on a break from ‘Hollyoaks’ yet again until it stops being aggressively crap.

Cleared out tapes from 2000 and a 2006. The 2000 tape opened with a ‘Cleopatra 2525’ ep ‘Choices’ that was a Christmas ep that leaves one endlessly unimpressed. Then came a ‘Jack of all Trades’ ep ‘One Wedding and an Execution’ in which Napoleon (it’s Mini me!) wishes to marry Amelia. Bruce Campbell wears drag and has to sword fight Mini me. This was dumb.

Then came a season 5 ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘Buffy vs. Dracula’ in which Dracula lurks, Dawn debuts and Giles has no purpose. Riley and his considerable baggage bores. Dracula is coated in white makeup and looks like he has TB. This was misguided and about as deep as an ep of ‘Naked In Westminster’.

Best Lines:
“Cow me.”

“You are strange and off-putting.”

Then came a season 2 ‘Angel’ ep ‘Judgement’ in which Angel and his gender-belonging bore. This was not okay and produces not excited expectations. Then came another ‘Cleopatra 2525’ ep ‘Perceptions’ in which Voice brought all this upon them. Running is not survival and things get a little unsanitary. This was incomprehensible and conspicuously underlit.

Finally there was another ‘Jack of all Trades’ ep ‘Croque for a Day’ in which a poverty tax is imposed. Jack pretends to be Croque in 1801. There are fights and bad jokes and this wasn’t riveting.

Best Lines:
“Keep sticking it to the man.”

“He’ll be replaced by someone who’s well, competent.”

On the 2006 tape there was a ‘Stargate SG1’ ep ‘The Pegasus Project’ in which Daniel and co go to Atlantis. They drop a stargate into a black hole. McKay annoys and this was of no considerable benefit to anyone. Then there was the dull 1979 ‘Dracula’ which was the washed out director’s cut that looks black and white and so very 70s.
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