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10 Movie Reviews

MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis (1994)
This is a miserablilist adventure that is not of deep interest due to TPTB’s meticulous attention to the inessentials. However one memorable quantity is the twist about what the treasure actually is.

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2001)
There is ugly argot in this dull and dim film.

Shallow Grave (1994)
Three flatmates (Ewan McGregor, Kerry Fox and Christopher Eccleston) when faced with a moral decision turn into depraved characters who take draconian steps to get money. This was full of appalling harsh violence and self-isolation that is not starkly radical.

Best Line:
"But Juliet, you're a doctor. You kill people every day."

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)
Has wrongfully attained status.

Along Came A Spider (2001)
An ill-advised mess that is comically inept and hardly nuanced. It also has no stately pace.

Speed (1994)
Constructs violence and tragedy as entertainment.

Face/Off (1997)
OTT in every way.

The Temp (1993)
A temp uses sinister deception and psycho jousting to become a top biscuit exec. This was affirmatively silly.

Crocodile Dundee (1986)
A loud bogan type falls for an America with bad hair who teaches him what a bidet is. This was not muted or restrained.

The Opposite Of Sex (1998)
Christina Ricci plays a horrible awful teen who is indifferent to disapproval and morally superior world views. This was okay.
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