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Supergirl 1x04 + Reign 2x18 + Bonnie & Clyde (2013) part 1 Reviewed

Angry and rambling Leslie Willis is the centre of this ep airing due to the Paris tragedy. Alex’s mom Eliza (Helen Slater) disapproves of her which the arrogant and irritating Alex views as a perversion of the maternal ideal. There are flashbacks to Alex and Kara’s childhoods. The DEO were on to Kara and were always part of the fabric of the coming years.  Does Kara have any cultural memories of Krypton?

Winn epitomises the Nice Guy. Eliza is a bioengineer. Alex feels forced to fit around Kara’s narrative. Alex is absolutely impossible. After a Catcopter accident Leslie’s beastly behaviour translates to full on large ham as Livewire. Supergirl fights Livewire as the show inadvertently caricatures its own idealism. Supergirl does dress like a figure skater from the Calgary winter Olympics. I’m sure Livewire and her formidable will be back. Does Kara really think Livewire should be locked up forever because an accident made her a bone fide mystic nutter?

The irrationally confrontational Cat Grant has mommy issues. Alex’s pain is not deeply felt. I don’t care about her psychological roots or desolation. Rapprochement is reached between Eliza and Alex. Winn mentions his very bad person father is in prison. Eliza reveals her husband (Dean Cain) died mysteriously and that Hank and his pompous inflammatory language was involved. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“She comes in handy.”

“She called her Alexandra. This is going to get ugly.”

“My mother won’t eat a flightless bird.”

“What’s a Winn?”

“Security is 20 floors down.”

“A physical form you can punch.”

“Pure sentient energy.”

“You’re useless.”

“That’s mildly intriguing.”

“Into permanent containment.”

“You have the wit of a Youtube comment.”

“Compromised in assorted humiliating ways.”

“National City’s randiest gay bar.”

“So much noise and snark.”

“Liberals love to feel guilty.”

“Where are you?”

“Lady beast thing.”

“Your brand of negativity.”

“It’s very Katy Perry.”

Reversal Of Fortune
Mary has no sense and ignores the fact that her grubbing for Elizabeth’s throne caused her current problems. Francis has the earache of death. Bash is not dead. Catherine and Mary have words. Clarissa shows up to bore. Does Francis have septic arthritis or something? The self interested elite do stuff. Kenna is in peril and sniffs out a new man. Claude crashes Greer’s brothel and thinks she is a tantalising aberration. Francis, Narcisse, Mary and Catherine plot. Bash poisons someone. Mary pays a price for being thick. Francis whines. Kenna whines. Bash tells nobody about his grimly necessary precautions. This was not a profoundly considered ep. Conde has intemperance. Yawn.

Best Lines:
“They want Scottish blood and my crown.”

“Grim logic.”

“Is this the villain who tried to murder you?”

“That tapestry shop.”

“A deadly prophecy closer to the King of France.”

“Do not tempt my fury.”

“You’d do well not to repeat that.”

“Lofty gaze of judgement.”

“Hiding behind a whore.”

“Which Queen you think will win.”

“I will weaken him in the eyes of Europe.”

Bonnie & Clyde (2013) part 1
This Lifetime miniseries about the Depression era folk heroes is not especially fascinating. Clyde is a rock bottom poor boy with second sight. Bonnie is hard edged and can’t stand being slightly ordinary. So in 90s thriller cliché way they go bad. Clyde (the dude from ‘Speed Racer’) does delayed exposition and unconvincing deflection. Bonnie’s mother (Holly Hunter) encourages her daughter’s grandiose flatulence. Bonnie had a husband who vanished.

Clyde is a chokingly terrible criminal and this indisputably terrible miniseries has no tonal purpose and is told with po-faced solemnity. TPTB have apparent awe for the doomed duo but this mundane and frustrating grim parable has little insight into them. There is just banal dialogue and rather apologetic acting. You don’t care about the duo’s torpid domestic misery, their deceit and duplicity or their rueful brooding. This is pure clanging wrongness about moral sickness.
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