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The Tudors Season 3 Ep 4 Review

Patchy swishes around being useless, seriously what is the point of this character? He's like the useless Tallis character back in season 1. Suffolk angsts over suppressing the members of the rebellion. Aske is executed. Some French courtiers are smug. Chapuys shows up and is smug. Mary hears of a possible suitor and is giddy. Queen Jane goes into labour and it is a long labour. The physician talks of a c-section and holds up a scalpel within eyesight of the unfortunate Queen. But finally, Prince Edward is born. Henry is over-joyed but Jane sickens with childbed fever. Henry's good mood vanishes as he speaks of how childbed fever killed his beloved mother. The final scene is the best 'The Tudors' has done: Queen Jane lies in state in a candle filled church as her mourning stepdaughter, husband and ladies in waiting watch over her. This was an okay episode and the final scene was stunning.

Fashion Tips:
Mary's tiara and head-dress.
Jane's jewelled hairband.

Best Line:
"I had planned a tournament for the birth of a prince with my last queen, but it had to be cancelled."
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