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Movie Reviews: We're The Millers + Defendor

We’re The Millers (2013)
A ‘funny’ drug dealer needs money so recruits a stripper (Jennifer Aniston), a moron and a bitch (Emma Roberts) to pretend to be his family so he can smuggle drugs in an RV. They’re anything but unnoticeable in this sexist, unfunny, dumb stupid film that leaves you detached and removed.

Best Lines:
“Real life Flanders.”

“Pervert Olympics.”

“You have an iphone. Aren’t you homeless?”

“You look like a total drug dealer.”

“The stuff loved children wear.”

“I’m Kymberly, with a y.”

“Boner garage.”

“So excited and full of life, that’ll fade.”

“You’re a drug dealer whose apartment smells like cheese and feet.”

“Have fun dying alone jerk!”

“Have fun digging all those singles from your crotch!”
“My crotch only takes twenties.”

“She went for a drink with a friend.”
“Last week.”

“I’ve seen ‘Dexter’!”

Defendor (2009)
I lost patience with this.
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