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Supergirl 1x03 + Reign 2x17 + Doctor Who 9x09 Reviewed

Fight Or Flight
Supergirl’s interview with Cat shows her incapable of new skills of socialization. Alex is a bloviator. Winn’s father is The Toyman, so I’m sure Winn will go bad at some point. A baddie who looks like a reject from ‘Hardware’ shows up. Where is Superman? Why is Cat Grant so awful? Maxwell Lord whines and is in peril. The bad guy has grit and determination. Cat’s interview is an attack article.

Superman shows up off-screen. Kara needs to be saved. Kara is mad at James and wears a green dress that looks like lingerie. This was okay apart from the terrible wire-fu. Do Cat and Maxwell have a thing? Hank acts weird. Maxwell Lord is a rich, powerful and no doubt very bad muppet. Kara has impulsive reactions. Where did she keep her costume whilst at the party? Kara confronts Krull aka Reactron. Kara also sticks her hand into molten lead. Lucy Lane shows up to be slutty. Alex and Kara bond over pot-stickers, whatever they are as Cyndi Lauper plays.

Best Lines:
“The Daily Planet can suck it.”

“Rent out a museum or something.”

“I find his hair distracting.”

“Within yelling distance.”

“I’ll punch him real hard until he falls down.”

“Nobody mumbling and shuffling.”

“I’m sure one day I will.”

“I will melt your face.”

“Very well-crafted horrible things.”

“Seething distain.”

Tempting Fate
Mary and Conde bore. Francis bores. Kenna’s inviolable tenet is ‘gots mine, sorry not sorry’. Claude and Narcisse bore. Greer ignores the fate of her stepchildren. Mary howls at Conde in badly acted indignation. Bash is mortally wounded. Mary seems to have forgotten Bash’s existence. Leith is made Claude’s bodyguard. Some guy who may be Cecil lurks. Mary plays at being Queen by making stupid choices. Narcisse plots. Bash is subjected to a magical ritual. Mary wears a choker of foreshadowing. Conde chooses badly. Francis gets the ear ache of death. Narcisse and Catherine make out. Mary and Conde play hide the salami. This was boring.

Best Lines:
“You used to call it peasant food.”

“For what future?”

“A safe receptacle.”

“Reach for more.”

“Bourbon usurper at her side.”

“This is one from which there is no turning back.”

“I’m hated by everyone.”

Sleep No More
I was disinterested in this ‘found footage‘ ep. The Doctor is a master of militant self-righteousness and the lofty moral stance. Clara is inelegant, undignified, sublimely crass, combative and deliberately inflammatory. A dude dressed like a ‘Babylon 5’ reject is the obvious villain. Sleep dust attacks people. Clara is not a sympathic protagonist and I hope a grim fate awaits her. The Doctor has savage indignation. The deceitful and scheming git rips off ‘Blink’ and a trope from ‘Space: Above & Beyond’. Peter Capaldi shows off his ACTINGS to pontificate on the baleful result of sleep deprivation. He does this long tangent with his eyes blazing with an unhinged concoction of rage. He’s not fiercely intense. The sandmen have a hostile reception to people. Clara has crass insensitivity, will she die already? This over explicated and expository ep was ridic.

Best Lines:
“The Great Catastrophe.”

“Working, working, working.”


“You’ve conquered nature.”
“Thank you.”

“Isn’t a good time to be smug.”

“It’s very amusing.”

“Sleepmen bad. Kill sleepmen.”

“The dust has been watching us.”

“Human contact not advised.”

“A very nasty idea.”

“None of this makes any sense.”
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