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Book Reviews: Children of England + Shark Skin Suite

Children Of England: The Heirs of King Henry VIII by Alison Weir
When the mighty Henry VIII died in 1547 he was succeeded in turn by Edward VI, Lady Jane, Mary I and Elizabeth I. This is the tale of that turbulent time in English history between Edward’s short-lived accession to the start of Elizabeth’s reign in 1558. It is the tale of four very different people and the political and religious factions that surrounded them. This is a good historical biography and there is a profound look at the doomed reign of Mary Tudor who had no accomplishments as monarch whatsoever. So Elizabeth and her unconquerable will becoming Queen was to the relief of everyone.

Best Lines:
“The King is certainly a master hand at it when he cares to try.”

“God sent oft times to good women evil husbands!”

“Shocked her councillors by ordering the removal of a portrait of Philip from the council chamber. There were reports that she had actually kicked it out of the room.”

“She was born of such a mother.”

Shark Skin Suite by Tim Dorsey
The latest Serge Storms novel is a letdown. Lovable serial killer Serge decides to get into law thus increasing negative possibilities for all wrong-doers around him. This isn’t funny and is too full of legal jargon, stupid choices, concise simple murder solutions and is tired and full of complacency.

Best Lines:
“Just wants to murder me is all.”

“Serge, you just threw a guy in your trunk in broad daylight.”
“And normally that would attract attention.”
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