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The Flash 2x05 + Arrow 4x05 + Supernatural 10x05 Reviewed

The Darkness And The Light
Earth Two Harry is a metahuman hunter and has designed a metahuman detecting app. Harry and Jay don’t like each other but Harry ignores Jay’s negative message. There are interesting fashions on Earth Two and Harry has a daughter. Harry meets the STAR labs crew. Their attitudes are galling. Zoom is either Earth Two Barry or Henry. Joe is a jerk; he needs to be fired for his OTT opprobrium. Joe is ineffectual and has fantasies of violence. Will they stop scapegoatig Harry with rage and hatred? Linda returns. Joe lacks judgment and gives Iris poor counsel and a gun. Is Joe planning to murder Harry? I’m sick of his raw resentment, rabid mendaciousness and rage. Barry is illiberal. What became of King Shark? Barry has no wisdom or wit.

Dr Light attacks. Jay shows up, where has he been? How does Zoom make people act out? Cisco lies. Patty is not a meaningful character. Will Cisco shut up with the denigration? There is no logical explanation for Cisco’s stupidity. Dr Light’s costume makes her look like a 90s Power Ranger. Dr Light is the Earth Two Linda Park.

Everyone sees Harry as a malign ghost. Why does everyone act like Iris is of immense importance, when she does not benefit anything? I’m tired of Joe and his repetitive abusive behaviour. Snow hurls herself at Jay who casually mentions that Atlantis exists on Earth Two. Harry reveals Cisco’s powers. Cisco is bellicose and not into honest discussion and keeps referring to Breachers.

People lickarse Barry with disturbing regularity. Why is Jay so enfeebled? Cisco dates Hawkgirl and names himself Vibe. Harry’s daughter is in a cage on Earth Two and this was good.

Best Lines:
“I didn’t follow any of that.”

“Him either.”

“Zoom’s the plague.”

“Because you missed.”

“Some roided out jerk.”

“A man shark tried to eat me.”

“An evil meta-twin.”

“Show Light what that means.”

“Peep that.”

“I will not die.”

Alex is cute, Oliver is dumb, Thea is dumb and Star City is a byword for inertia, neglect and despair. Flashbacks show that John Constantine (Matt Ryan) was on the island. I will point out that years ago ‘The Invisible Man’ did a crossover with the cancelled ‘Prey’.

Felicity’s pal Curtis won a medal at the 2008 Olympics. Felicity is selfish and Curtis annoys. Ray’s not dead, like duh. Oliver is judgemental and permanently appalled. Why did Oliver not mention knowing John Constantine years ago? What is with John Constantine’s accent? Lance works with Damien. This ep was okay but not a seminal moment. Diggle won’t shut up. Why didn’t Oliver have Tommy brought back? Thea kinda deserves Sara beating her down. Oliver thinks he is such a distinguished personage.
Flashbacks reveal that the baddies aren’t making drugs; they are looking for magical artefacts. The flashbacks are relentlessly convoluted. John Constantine says the island draws bad people to it.

Anyway Diggle learns the truth about his brother and is unprepared for the truth. I want Lance to go full on bad guy. Damien sits on his ass doing nothing of note. How does Oliver have John Constantine’s phone number? Laurel tells Oliver off for his awful behaviour. John Constantine has an over-permissive manner and does an unhallowed ritual. Everyone accepts magic with a shrug.

Best Lines:
“Step off bitch!”

“The man can write emotion.”

“That’s not you mate.”

“Too dead to care.”

“I need you to punch me in the face.”

Fan Fiction
Sam and Dean arrive at a school which is doing an am dram performance of ‘Supernatural’. Cue singing, fights and Calliope. What did happen to the Destiel? Seasons 6 through 10 are dissed as crap. The girls do over the top adoration and denunciations. A scarecrow looms. This was okay and the first decent episode in years.

This show drags on due to the blatant greed of TPTB. I’m not going back to being a regular watcher of the epistolary fantasies of TPTB. The writer/director/star of the show is a Rachel Leigh Cook type. Chuck shows up. The show goes on and is a success for all its imperfectabilities and evil prospects. Cue genial smiles all round and a sing a long version of ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’. Sam is fastidiously dumb, there is a joke about Adam and there are pleasing illusions, Dean recoiling and cathartic aspects.

Best Lines:
“Some meandering piece of genre dreck.”

“A pile of empty bottles and regret.”

“I kind of hate the meta stories.”
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