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Book Review: The Bog

The Bog by Michael Talbot
This archaeological horror was originally published in 1986 and starts out well. A bog body is discovered in a small village. But as a professor investigates the find, the plot unravels like an unravelling thing. The ‘hero’ is full of rage and hatred for his family whom he treats with affectionate dismissal and benign neglect except for his adored son. Secrecy within the household, sexism, insincere moods, fallow plot twists and reverential invocations of ridiculous deux ex machina leave one regarding this novel with contempt. Avoid this as the overlooked moral dangers and rampant sexism are too much to take.

Best Lines:
“The villagers were well aware that something of a voracious appetite lived in their bog.”

“He hated bans on certain areas of knowledge.”
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