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Supernatural Season 4 Review, Part 2

Monster Movie
It's a black and white special episode as the brothers grim come up against a monster at Oktoberfest. The giggles start early with the Pennsylvania/Transylvania road sign and they just keep on coming as the Wolfman and The Mummy rampage, Dracula gets maced and makes his getaway on a scooter. This was funny and good. Season 4 took a real upswing with this ep. 'Felicity' did a quality B&W ep and 'Supernatural' is a worthy addition to the tv show subgenre.

Best Lines:
"We still gotta see the new Raiders movie."
"Saw it."
"Without me?"
"You were in hell."
"That's no excuse."

"Some satan worshiping, Anne Rice reading, gothic, psycho vampire wannabe."

"We need to catch this freak before he Creature From The Black Lagoons somebody."

Yellow Fever
Sam gets spleen juice in the face and Dean gets ghost sickness. So now Dean is emitting girl screams and running so Sam and Bobby have to track down the origin of the ghost sickness. It leads to a 'Of Mice and Men' homage and a horrible covered up murder. Sam and Bobby have to scare a ghost to death as Dean reveals (to the viewer anyway) that he spent 40 years in hell and remembers it all. This was good but why are the brothers plastered in fake fan?

It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
It's a typical Halloween. Killer candy, hex bags, a teenage boiled to death while bobbing for apples and a witch committing blood sacrifices to raise the demon Samhain. Sam and Dean instantly zero in on cheerleader Tracy as the wicked witch. But what about Don the teacher? Then Castiel and Uriel show up and threaten to smite the town to stop the raising of Samhain, which will break another of the 66 seals. Samhain is raised and turns a teen party into something out of 'Fear Street' and then Sam exorcises Samhain using his powers. Sam doesn't listen when angels tell him not to use his powers, which is not good. It's really not good as Sam's eyes turned demon black when exorcising Samhain. This was very good.

Best Lines:
"For us every day is Halloween."

"Lucifer cannot rise."

"Where would you go to raise all the dark forces of the night?"

Wishful Thinking
Another small town with weirdness. There's an invisible teenager running around, a giant talking bipolar teddy bear and Wes (Ted Raimi, you may remember him from 'Seaquest DSV', 'Xena: Warrior Princess', 'Darkman' and 'Spiderman') has a love slave. It turns out the town wishing well really works due to Wes placing a cursed coin in it as he wished for Hope to love him. But all the wishes go bad. A bullied boy turns violently against his tormentors, Sam is struck by lightening and Hope is the Stepford Wife-to-be from hell. Wes regrets what he has done to Hope and removes the coin so all the wishes are undone. Dean confesses to Sam that he does remember all of hell, which makes his happy, hyper behaviour of the last 7 episodes a bit odd. This was very good.

Best Lines:
"Maybe somebody's pumping LSD into the town water supply."

"Kneel before Todd! Kneel before Todd!"
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