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Leftovers1x09&10+AgentsofSHIELD3x04+PersonOfInterest4x05 + London Spy 1x01+ScreamQueens1x03 Reviewed

The Garveys At Their Best
This is a flashback episode that leads up to the Sudden Departure. Kevin’s old house looked like a furniture store. Did the GR facetiously take over the Garvey’s old home? Kevin always was snotty. This show has no particular quality and Laurie was a shrink and not warm. Jill was nice and didn’t wear underwear as outerwear. Nora had a severe rigid position on her family: she didn’t like them. This does not flow beautifully; it is just awkward and not relevant.

Laurie lost a baby in the Sudden Departure. This was not salubrious and no one has genuine responses. Patti was not yet into complicit interactions. Kevin was sporadically distracted from his very appealing daughter by smoking and picking up sluts when urban hiking. I won’t bother with season 2, this was hogwash.

Kevin is not a go-giver and is incessantly annoying. Laurie is heedless of sense. Patti was emotionally isolated. Kevin’s dad was already spewing hot rhetoric. This ep was better than all the perpetual despair of the rest of the season that has no wider narrative.
Kevin beats up Tom’s real father. Kevin is not decent or genuine. Kevin and Laurie don’t cherish each other. The murdered GR member was a dog breeder. What happened to all her dogs? Laurie’s silence to the closest person to her in the world is a terrible rejection.

Grizzled Kevin grimaces, acts deranged and makes tactile pleas. He is faltering, abhorrent and full of self made poison. This was not exhilaratingly elegiac. Didn’t Kevin’s workplace wonder where he was when he was boffing the slut? What was up with Matt’s wife before her TBI? Laurie was incorrigibly awful and Kevin was involved in dubious circumstances. There was no conciliation. Laurie = lying, disaffected trouble causer.

Kevin is all indignity and no emotional openness. Nobody cares about Kevin and his ignorance, dramatic self-combustion and stodge. Matt was nice but Nora finally snaps and regrets it as she wishes her family gone and then they were in the Sudden Departure. This was okay. The altogether different story after the shocking incident of the Sudden Departure is just un-interesting threats and disorientation. This show is not big and bright. Laurie is despondent. The GR were already around. Why was the rest of the season so lousy? Laurie always was a bitch and was very hostile and subject to violent mood swings before she joined the GR.

Best Lines:
“Mommy attack.”

“Sometimes you have to pretend.”

“Who picked this music?”
“Old people.”

“Now look at me, you know, and look what I got.”

“Taking a break from quitting.”

“I almost believed you meant it.”

“You have no greater purpose.”

“I want food! I want food!”

The Prodigal Son Returns
Patti’s dead, Jill joins the GR, Christine abandons her baby and walks off due to Holy Wayne’s deliberate criminal deception. The GR are cynical, ruthless and malign. They trigger public uproar and a riot with a nihilistic, utterly deranged act. Meg is full on GR. This ep was schlock and without dignified decency.

This all clunks with dishonesty and is contemptuous. The GR deserve social anger. Laurie has disillusions and possible dismay with the GR. Matt helps Kevin cover up Patti’s death. Holy Wayne dies. There is a disproportionate sense of loss, no explanation and an assiduous lack of sense. The GR get disgust and not pity. Kevin is a not so inspirational hero. Nora is utterly alone. But then she, Kevin, Jill and Christine’s abandoned baby become emotionally attached. Where is Tom? Oh, who cares? This was all stage managed articulacy vacuum that leaves you disengaged with its inertia, preposterousness and shamefulness.

Best Lines:
“They left me.”

“No fixing it.”

Devil’s You Know
This show has screwed up Inhumans. SHIELD contaminates a crime scene and steals stuff. Mack bores. You can’t take Daisy seriously as a SHIELD agent. May and Hunter try (and fail) to kill Ward. For an ex-SAS guy, Hunter sucks. Fitz annoys and what became of his brain damage? The plot is blatantly false and there is no mention of Daredevil or the Avengers. Why is SHIELD trying to intimidate the ATCU? Mack is awful, Daisy isn’t a real tangible threat and Coulson’s sole motivation is to annoy.

Hunter is foul and unclean. Coulson is excessively temperamental and emotionally unstable. Ward has a notorious reputation. Coulson is unable to compromise. May and Hunter are misliving. Why is Ward suddenly stupid? He fooled SHIELD in ingenious fashion for years. Hunter is all dumb insolence. Andrew lurks. This was witless.

Daisy has perturbation. Simmons lurks and gets self-interested advice. Andrew is injured. This was deplorable. I’m sick of May and her cross little face. Since when does Bobbi do science? This has no artfulness. Fitz thought it was inevitable that Simmons would shag him but she won’t, so he is pissed. May is full of misplaced anger and is insolent and full of insouciance. Coulson has an obstinate refusal to see sense. Where is Lincoln? Inhumans are un-courteously handled. This lacks substance and is simplistic as type confined types have contrived confrontations. Fitz whines and has an evil disposition. Fitz = aggregator and I’m thinking of dropping this.

Best Lines:
“Look, you here.”

“Stay away from my things.”

“Her again.”

“Likes to leave holes in people.”

“No-one likes a drooler.”

“I’m not merciful, I’m necessary.”

Reese has to see an annoying shrink. A pollster (Jason Ritter) is in peril. There is no silent sadness or pungent melancholy as we get flashbacks to 2001 and Nathan. Finch is not noble or empathetic. The plot was not daunting rather a toothless slog. Root, Reese and Shaw are dead eyed. There was no just satisfaction in this meaningless ep. Everyone is very unpleasant. Finch is objectionable and excoriates sense as he promises untold levels of distress and drastic consequences. Why are all women on this show such provocative she-devils? This ep was pure ridiculousness. Finch predicts devastation and cruelty. A politician (Kevin Kilner) is used. Season 4 is less than memorable for all its ‘twists’.

Best Lines:
“Humanity won’t miss you.”

“It’s numerically impossible!”

“Simulating trust and closeness.”

“One day it will control us.”

“Sure buddy.”

“God’s on the run.”

“It terrifies me.”

“A banana tried to kill you?”

“I woke up in a dumpster.”

“It must be won. At any cost.”

London Spy (2015) 1x01
This very slow BBC2 drama sees Danny do longing gazes due to his misbecome life. He meets a jogger, Alex, who is stiff, staid and full of tedious indecisions. This was steadfastly dull but has nice opening credits. Ben Whishaw plays Danny and his unstoppable punchability. Alex stares piercingly at Danny and his towardness. Alex claims to be an investment banker and pensive. Danny drags him into bed and 8 months pass. Danny’s odd much older ‘friend’ Scottie wants something. Danny is unsettled and predisposed to making bad choices. This was feeble and never feels authentic, strong, stirring or important. Danny gets a parcel and then makes a discovery. This was affected and in-efficient. Danny swallows something and learns of lies and revelations from unfriendly cops. Yet oddly isn’t arrested. This was woeful.

Best Lines:
“Extreme sexual encounters.”

“This will stop right now.”

These characters are disgusting. Chanel no 2 aka Sonia was a drunk who boffed Chad. Her parents (Roger Bart and Charisma Carpenter) are shallow. I call Chanel as the killer. Who talks like Chanel no 5? WTF is with the tasteless Chanel no 3 paternity reveal? How was Boone’s fake death ruled a suicide? Someone finally goes to class. Graces annoys like piles. Her weird father (Oliver Hudson) shows an inappropriate film in class. What is the point of Gigi? Coney gets got. Hester becomes Chanel no 6. Boone’s friends decide to avenge his ‘death’. Pete has cut his chair. Security guard Denise is inept. Two Red Devil’s attack Boone’s friends to the tune of a Backstreet Boys song. This was inept but funny in places.

Best Lines:
“Ghetto code’s a thing.”

“Until he comes out and fights us.”

“Gym candy.”
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