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Book Reviews: The Cry + Reliquary

The Cry by Helen Fitzgerald
On a long haul flight to Australia Joanna is angry with her perpetually crying newborn son and uses pugnacious language. Shortly after tragedy strikes causing uninvited lurid speculation, social media validation and all the discrepancies, inconsistencies and falsifications in her life and relationships to be exposed to the harsh light of day. This was a very good meticulous tale of heavily contextualised incidents, pure acts of intimidation and a woman who is neither wise nor discreet losing not only her lover but their love story too.

Best Lines:
“She hated the mothers at the breast feeding group.”

“Why had he chosen an unworthy and useless woman to be the mother of his child?”

“Joanna had been pointed to a lot these last hours.”

“Everything he said was fair and right.”

“Porn-hungry thug.”

“The drama triangle.”

“Such tedious interest.”

“She’s wearing the sluttiest dress I’ve ever seen.”

Stargate Atlantis #2: Reliquary by Martha Wells
This 2006 novel is set in season 1. There are exposition dumps as the gang of idiots wander around a ruined city. A weirdo with evil opinions pops up. Everyone acts like teenagers. This creates indifference with its interminable prose style.

Best Line:
“Why aren’t you shooting him?”
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