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Supergirl 1x02 + Reign 2x16 + The Blacklist 3x03 Reviewed

Stronger Together
How do her tights not ladder? Kara is not emotionally scarred by her planet blowing up but is scarred by negative press. Alex is the shrewish nag who must ruin everything. Kara gets no thanks and is persistently portrayed as negative by Cat. Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) pops up to provide vile commentary and emotive language.

Cat causes negative discontent and Kara has boring anguish. A flashback to Krypton mentions the military guild and the citadel. Kara needs training and blank stare Alex has an over inflated ego and underachiever’s regret. Alex is petty, self righteous and morally questionable. She is a blight on the family.

Cat is a self centred and over bearing wet blanket. The camera lens seems to be covered with Vaseline whenever she is onscreen. Winn and James are Kara’s harem. How did Astra end up in Fort Rozz? Why is Kara covered in fake tan? An alien eats DDT and Alex is in peril. Hank is some limbo dancer to go as low that.

Hank has no purported moral compass and is a persistent irritation with his pontificating. He does have red eyes and may be a baddie. Astra has some mad plan and does a bad wire fu fight with Kara. This was okay but is all surface and no depth. Kara gets her Fortress of Solitude. I’m sure that dagger will be back. Who is Astra talking to? Why doesn’t Cat and her facefull of fillers recognise Kara?

Best Lines:
“Who names their snake Fluffy?”

“Do not stand against me.”

“Never call me that again.”

“I am not programmed to do that.”

“Get it away from here.”

“Is that smell you?”

“Super-bad guy war.”

“Because she doesn’t see you now.”

“A good slouch.”

“We hunt aliens. She is one.”

“Strength without technique.”

“I don’t like the fishes but it does reassure me to know that they’re still under there swimming about.”

“Inexperienced idiot.”

“Start small, get better.”

“He’s eating it.”

Tasting Revenge
Why does Bash live in one room with no title or money? Kenna is intent on adultery and the nobles bring their pretty daughters to tempt Francis. Mary works around limitations, Kenna has rapidly degenerating morals and Francis acts like he has the moral high ground. Bash has unblinking intensity, Kenna has no emotional reticence or decorum and Conde’s motives baffle.

Francis leaps into bed with Narcisse’s fresh and candid niece. Mary has creeping disillusionment, withdrawn behaviour and criticises everything bitterly. This show is full of factual inaccuracies but Mary’s stupid life choices are not one of them. Kenna’s ugly wad of lies makes her vague and hardly intelligible. Mary sees her kingdom as a renegade province to be retaken by force if necessary.

Kenna is ready for the rich idiot’s option. Bash has no incentive to care. Francis has a damaged ego. Kenna learns the King of Navarre’s wife isn’t dying. Mary wears dagger earrings and is a fickle and foolish woman. Leith is disappointed in Greer. Conde plots and this was good.

Best Lines:
“I have no use for shame.”

“But the King doesn’t have a mistress.”
“Not yet.”

“Your outrage is touching.”

“Worked for the Boleyn girls.”

“He’ll never be free again.”

“You’re the mother of my son’s child.”

“Not easy or pleasant.”

Eli Matchett (no 72)
I’m done with this show. Ressler and Tom have emotional intensity. Liz and Red are not going to Spain. Is Ressler still a drug addict? Liz and Red are equally repugnant characters. I’m tried of Red and his smart arse cynicism and how he is always right. Liz clings deludely to vestiges of her self-importance. Red dresses like the man from Del-Monte. Liz whines about the manhunt after her. You can’t even with her. She’s a dedicated abhorrer of sense. The so-called creepy group do nothing. I felt strong dissatisfaction for this ep. A global food crisis is planned but averted. Yawn.

Best Lines:
“I could hear you dropping a steamer through the phone.”

“A law enforcement robot.”

“One large industrial farm.”
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