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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Arrow’ 4x06 promo
Ray’s alive and being held by Damien. Sara, Laurel and mini-Ray do stuff.

‘Quantico’ 1x07 promo
She runs, there are guns and loyalties are compromised.

‘Josh’ promo

‘Doctor Who’ 9x09 promo
“You’ve also created an abomination.”

‘Grimsby’ trailer

‘Bridge of Spies’ trailer

‘A History Of Violence’ (2005) promo

‘See Spot Run’ (2001) promo

‘London Spy’ promo

No Timebo Mala - I Will Fear No Evil

Saw the 2012 ‘Come Dine With Me’ Halloween special, no just no.

I won’t read ‘Angel & Faith’ issue 10x20.

I will review ‘Children of England’, ‘Elizabeth & Mary’, ’London Spy’ and ‘Insidious 3’.

Lebanese red wine - good.
Gherkins - yum.
Orange crèmes - nice.

Dear houseguests: you steal hot water, fruit and are thankless. LEAVE. Stop hoarding papers, being rude and telling us how to run our home.

‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Quote:
“You’ll go to college someday Xander. I just know your pizza delivery career will take you so many exciting places.”

‘Babylon 5’ Quotes:
“They made a wall of bodies to stop us.”

“You will plan such a thing? You will do such a thing?”

‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ Quotes:
“I like you.”

“Don’t assume all of Rome love Caesar.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Room is toxic.”

“Does it smell like throw-up?”

“Has value in her mind.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Sufficiently enthused.”

“Very insecure.”

“I regret hanging out with him.”

“Being high and impulsive.”

“Not all alcoholics will be found on a park bench.”

“Preemptive actions.”

“No such thing as a primary gender.”

“A critique of identity.”

“Your deeper buried truth.”

“The current preoccupation with being on the sexual edge.”

“Every identity must be proclaimed in a hierarchy of grievance.”

“Increasingly insular discussion.”

“Sexy new sex and its special words.”

“Stigma, shame and moral judgements.”

“The dark knowledge.”

“Cold, cruel arch-schemer.”

“Planned obsolescence.”

“Supreme confidence.”

“Hair pets.”

“Sounds bleak.”

“Moral Re-Armament.”

“Counter negative sentiment.”

“Negligible mental effort.”

“A little intrigue.”


“Boils them in butter.”

“Long ideas.”

“I could never forgive him for that, ever.”

“Group bias.”

“At precisely 6am they ruthlessly commander all the deck chairs on the nearest beach.”

“Because creative thought could be interrupted as madness.”

“Requires their female characters to be more than the pneumatically inflated punch line to a lad gag.”

“Meticulously sanitised hagiography.”

“Unfulfilling relationship.”

“Couldn’t be more French if it tried.”

“A certain grandiosity.”

“Largely buoyant.”

“Compelling and disturbing.”

“Managerial incompetence.”

“Lost faith entirely in his actions, intentions and integrity.”

“Warm downs.”

“You wait for them to get in touch and if they don’t, you forget them.”

“More portentous.”

“A vile git.”

“Rosemary’s baby food.”

“Curating their lives.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Breeding cycle.”

“Stratifies into echelons of well-defined demographics.”

“Hysterical apologists.”

“Deeply disrespectful.”


“A reasonable apprehension.”

“No direct witnesses.”

“Rub mark.”

“An unenviable way.”

“Widely condemned.”

“Five boys with excellent hair posture as a street gang.”

“Seen as immodest to be on camera.”

“Began to feel any optimism dissipate.”

“Listens patiently and tolerantly.”

“Archetypically bitter gossip.”

“Witless filth.”

‘Popular’ Quote:
“A 10 page single spaced diatribe entitled Mary Cherry Must Die.”

‘Jack of All Trades’ Quote:
“The smell of violence is in the air.”

‘We Will All Go Down Together’ Quotes:

“She rouses the worst in their natures simply by existing.”

“Accept nothing less than the best as her due portion.”

“Ye great Fae harlot.”


‘The Gloss’ Quotes:
“Vague replies.”

“Would never have found that house again.”

“Power posing”

“Leopard print and diamond aesthetic.”

“Own inimitable way.”

“Unedited expressiveness.”

“Digital identity.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Theresa wears hot pants in November Lockie is a burk. Nico biffs Kim. Lindsey puts Kim in a coma. Mercedes blames Lockie and then herself for the stillbirth. A lynch mob forms at the hospital. Theresa does sleazy photo shoots to get the money for the baby’s funeral. Why is Joe still in Canada? Trevor is framed as the GHK. Lindsey menaces Nancy’s son. Nancy being Nancy fails to notice. John-Paul is fired thanks to the vile Harry.

Best Lines:
“I wanted to drink that, not wear it.”

“Dylan, uncle Will, that McQueen girl.”

“Random dodgy guy.”
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