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The Flash 2x04 + Arrow 4x04 + The Invaders (1995) Reviewed

The Fury Of Firestorm
Snow spews technobabble. Now Ronnie is deaded, he needs a new boytoy. Lying Barry is a jerk. Joe is unanimously wrong and committed a serious betrayal of trust. Patty goes on about a man-shark. Does anyone recall Eddie? Where is Joe? Stein (Victor Garber) bores. Earth 2 Wells wanders around unnoticed save by Tina (Amanda Pays).

Jax is self sacrificing and awe inspiring. Iris meets her mindless tart mother and doesn’t want to know. Snow wears too much makeup and dismisses Jax so she fawns over Henry in classist fashion. There is more ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ setup. Has Snow quit Mercury Labs? There is no emotional investment in this ep. Henry has over the top fury.

Barry has all the appeal of a tired aunt. Joe lies more. Joe’s ex is dying. Cisco is a burk and has firmly negative attitudes. Snow is brazen and un-apologetically awful. This is an angry, empty and ill-used ep that does not uplift and enrich. Is Ronnie alive on Earth 2? I’m sure he is. There is bad acting. Stein goes into rapid oxidation - shouldn’t he be dead? Where is his wife? This ep goes wrong, very wrong. Iris claims to be a reporter and learns a family secret. Henry is locked up. King Shark attacks. Barry is a thankless ass.

Best Lines:
“Gene rearrangement mutation.”

“The firestorm matrix.”

“The genetic locus.”

“You need to stop.”

“I know how to take a hit.”

“Second chances waiting to be seized.”

Beyond Redemption
What is ESU? Laurel keeps Sara’s revival a secret from Oliver but not her father. Oliver runs for mayor which is laughable. Felicity talks in a baby voice. Oliver shows off his new lab that STAR labs built. Lance is indignant. Oliver has no charismatic authority or advantage. Felicity is stupid. Ray is unheard. No one recalls Lance’s bad heart. Thea looks up a former drug dealer. In flashbacks Oliver is dumb.

Laurel shows off her canary cry. Oliver’s big plan is not a de-stresser. Felicity needs to go and go soon. Liza (Rutina Wesley of ‘True Blood’) is an altruistically bad cop. Star City is dying. Felicity is unmanageably annoying. Lance and Damien talk about Sara. Damien has a child? Oliver whines about Lance having contempt for him. I hate Oliver and how he has forgotten Tommy.

Lance has a complicit look, cries and is irascible. Oliver is less reverential. Like anyone cares. Sara has amnestic gaps. The bad cops hit the contraband disposal facility. Lance’s lifelong dislike of Oliver persists unabated. Oliver just won’t admit when he’s wrong. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I don’t need Oliver’s judgment.”

“Do not eat the red berries.”

“This isn’t back Laurel.”

“This isn’t my daughter.”

“Finding out what kind of man you really are.”

“Something very cold inside of you.”

The Invaders (1995)
A horrible miniseries based on the 1967-1968 TV show. This boring, incoherent mess stars Scott Bakula, Richard Thomas, Terrence Knox, Richard Belzer, Roy Thinnes and Channon Roe.
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