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Trailers, Quotes and two 2005 Tape Tales

‘The Flash’ 2x06 promo
The emotionally lazy Barry, Dr Light, Zoom, Linda and thought terminating clichés. Mmmm.

‘The Lady In The Van’ TV spot

‘Mad City’ (1997) promo

‘The Patriot’ (2000) promo

‘S1m0ne’ (2002) promo

Gluten free bagels - ugh.
Guinness - disgusting.

Dear house guests: you hogged my fondue pot, bought a cake you know I can’t eat and lie in bed moaning, shouting and drinking. Stop going on about your ‘hopeless’ life and leave. Stop playing on your ipad and breathing like a sex offender.

Anyone recall the old sitcom 'Evening Shade'?

‘We Will All Go Down Together’ Quote:
“Increasingly threatening trees.”

‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Quotes:
“Nobody judges you on the floor of a bus station.”

“Our house is broken.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“If I ate a banana, it could kill me.”

“Outrage season.”

“Go out of their way to be offended.”

“Highly suggestive.”

“Delay, dithering.”

“Dud lines.”

“Slowing to savour the profundity of his next three words.”

“Undergraduate wit.”

“He was allergic to doors.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“I was irritated that their ambitions were so low.”

“She was taught what to do if her knickers fell down in public.”

“Seemingly impossible demands.”

“If you ask how much it costs, you can’t afford to eat here.”

“You greedy wazzock.”

“Look at his simple face and horrible shirt.”


“Unforgivable decency.”

“Comparative avarice.”

“He may as well have eaten the money and then vomited it up on an orphan’s tea.”

“Ethylene gas.”

“I want to dress French.”

“Axial symmetry.”

“Candy-coloured decoys.”

“Approved choice of haircuts.”

“Women who don’t exist only to interact with men.”

“Who gets to speak and why, is the only question.”

“Fervid, intellectually arousing crush.”

“European style staging.”

“Manipulate all the events.”

“Too much and it’s your great aunt’s bubble bath.”

“Nefarious seagull.”

“Rancid Bovril.”

“Largely servile media.”

“White models often caked in makeup with big Barbie-doll hair.”

“Trend-and-irony free.”

“General provocateur.”

“A right to my power.”

“Gradually graduated.”


“Largely escapes negative media attention.”

“Important critical debate doesn’t happen as openly as it should.”

“Piss on pity.”

“Sleek dinner party soul.”

“Purveyor of elegant tearjerkers.”

“Aural mojito.”

“Loading every extended note with empathy.”

“Damaging depiction.”

“However well intentioned.”

“Pitiable, tragic stereotypes.”

“Locked herself in the car (it took the AA to get her out).”

Cleared out two 2005 tapes. Tape 1 began with a  silly ‘Veronica Mars’ ep ‘Donut Run’ in which Duncan kidnaps dead Meg’s baby and runs off with it. Somehow he couldn’t get custody of his own child. Veronica smugs about how smart she is. Vinnie lurks. Dick is dumb. Lucy Lawless is stunt cast. Duncan and Veronica plot. Keith does badly acted whining and got over it real quick. Duncan wears a stupid disguise. Then there was a dull ‘Surface’ ep which was ‘Episode 13’ in which people are anti-sea creature. The title card is bad. People talk at each other. Ian Anthony Dale menaces Martha Plimpton and then there is a flower, an old film and a revelation. Then came an unwatchable season 1 ‘Supernatural’ ep ‘Asylum’ in which there are outdated phones and Sam acts like a jackass, again. Then came another unwatchable ‘Supernatural’ ep ‘Home’ in which a family have moved into the Winchester’s old house and are in peril. Sam and an annoying psychic (Loretta Devine) mock Dean for no apparent reason. John is a bad dad.

Tape 2 began with a ‘Battlestar Galactica’ ep ‘The Pegasus’ in which the Battlestar Pegasus is met. Admiral Helena Cain is icy, bad wigs are worn and we’re meant to care about an imprisoned 6 and her limitless pain. Oh boo. Then came a ‘Stargate Atlantis’ ep 'The Lost Boys' in which the gang of morons encounter Ford and stupid wraith. This bored.

Then came a ‘Surface’ ep ‘Episode 1’ in which there are shooting stars, a submarine crew vanish and Leighton Meester plays a bitch. The submarine crew was never explained. Miles has an emotionally abusive family and finds an egg. Lake Bell’s dive goes awry. There are intriguing characters that’d be killed off later. A giant tooth is shown off. This was dull. There are hints at Lovecraft like aliens, a plot which was later dropped.

Best Line:
“It is as if it just fell from the sky.”

Then came another ‘Surface’ ep ‘Episode 2’ in which the Cape of Good Hope lighthouse is destroyed. Miles bores. Lake Bell does B&E. A dude has visions of his missing brother, another plot that was dropped. Bogans get eaten by a sea monster. This was dull.

Best Line:
“Sorry about the creepy dead hackfish and the felony trespassing.”
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