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Book Reviews: The Madness Of Cthulhu Volume Two + Failure Of Moonlight + Supernatural Season 1

The Madness Of Cthulhu Volume Two edited by S.T. Joshi

20,000 Years Under The Sea
A tale of Captain Nemo and his simmering resentment v Cthulhu. This is a pulp tale that is not conveyed eloquently and has no retention of interest.

Tsathoggua’s Breath
The uneasy harmony of a colony is disturbed. So some randomer heads off to be a hero. This panders to paranoia and it turgid and hopelessly misjudged. This is written with a dazzling laxity of sense.

The Door Beneath
A tale of scientists who prod at a maliciously aware thing. This was okay but the ending is tasteless and there is no grit or soul.

Best Line:
“Ferociously hued oculars.”

Dead Man Walking
A ridiculous story etched with comic book menace.

A Crazy Mistake
A film researcher looks up old religions and goes gaga due to such excrescences. So she will never be taken seriously as an intellectual. This was ridiculous.

Best Line:
“It’s mis-thinking.”

The Anatomy Lesson
A silly tale of medical students and ghouls.

Best Line:
“Touched by the Unbegotten One.”

The Hollow Sky
A sequel to ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’. It’s about the ozone layer and monsters and is contrived.

The Last Ones
A man comes to a small town in Wales and largely ignores all obvious hints of doom. This causes general disengagement.

Best Lines:
“The betrayed past.”

“Vast dark legions of them.”

A Footnote In The Black Budget
Lacks charm or wit and is almost furiously inarticulate and isn’t at all unsettling.

Deep Fracture
A husband guilty of anti-social behaviour is cold and distant and then bad things happen. Is not precisely observed and has no tangible effect.

The Dream Stones
College students form a grave and dangerous cult. Okay.

Best Line:
“None of the deaths were my fault.”

The Blood In My Mouth
By Laird Barron. A man discovers his girlfriend’s detrimental secrets. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Violent apathy.”

“Voyager broadcasting its dinner bell wasn’t the brightest idea mankind ever had.”

On The Shores Of Destruction
Beware hippies! Okay.

Object 00922UU
A tale of far future and people with no social obligations. Has no tragic irony.

Failure Of Moonlight by Rosemary Edghill
A dull collection of short stories about rancorous witch Bast.

Advice From A Young Witch To An Old Priestess
This sours the mood as Bast becomes a witch and lectures about the ability to align oneself with the sacred and her own exceptionality. This is complete mundanity.

The Iron Bride
Bast finds a murderer in strongly opinionated fashion. Bast has suppressed hatred for everyone.

A Winter’s Tale
A good tale of a magic shop and a monkey’s paw.

Best Line:
“To help him stare at the items in disbelief.”

Burden Of Guilt
Murder at a pagan convention. Bast is demanding but not avuncular or reliable as she faces down troublemakers and crazies. This leaves you unhappy and dissatisfied.

Best Line:
“Post-death personality survivals.”

The Christmas Witch
A ridiculous kid’s story.

Best Line:
“That is not our way.”

Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 1 by Nicholas Knight
A tie-in to the TV show, it’s a rigorous puff piece and does not focus on the grim emotional isolation.
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