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Lost Season 5 Ep 15 Review

Follow The Leader

In 1977 Jack gets smacked around by Widmore. Daniel's dead and Jack talks Richard, Eloise and Sayid into unearthing the H-bomb to remake history. Dharma built the barracks on top of the H-bomb. Stuart and Phil usurp leadership over Horace. Kate stomps off and ends up exiled off the island on a submarine with Sawyer and Juliet. 30 years later, Locke is asserting his leadership and Richard isn't liking what he is seeing. Ben gets metaphorically kicked around by Locke. Sun drinks Locke's kool-aid and follows him even though he is lying. Locke gets Richard to treat his bullet wound as seen in 'Because You Left'.

This was goodish, it is clear that Richard and Ben are lying through their teeth. Richard is hiding something. Who and what is Jacob? Who and What is Richard? Seeing Richard soaking wet was nice.

Richard builds a ship in a bottle, how old is he? How dumb was Daniel? As Richard points out Daniel "Put a gun to my head, Eloise reacted". Richard says the compass worked, but in season 1 didn't Sayid point out that compasses don't work on the island? If the Swan is a secret, why is Stuart wearing a Swan logo patch on his jumpsuit? Why does Stuart want to know where the Hostiles are? Where has Sayid been hiding? How did they get the bomb into the tunnels? How does Locke plan to kill Jacob? Why did Dharma just dump Kate on the submarine? Did Jacob never really appear to Ben?.

Best Lines:
"His name is Richard Alpert. He's kind of an advisor and he's had that job for a very, very long time."

"I watched them all die."

"Didn't it ever tell you things?"

"I want to know exactly where the Hostiles are."
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