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Book Review: The Traitor

The Traitor by Seth Dickson
Also known as ‘The Traitor Baru Cormorant’. This is a tale of imperialism, colonialism and revenge that is brutal and dark. The Empire of Masks conquers Baru’s homeland with a treaty and a school. It casts aspersions on their culture and remoulds their society to serve them. The Empire of Masks has done this to many societies and plan to do it to many more. Baru decides to hide her hate and join the Empire’s civil service so she can gain power and free her people.

Years pass and eventually Baru is sent as an accountant to distant Aurdwynn to quell rebellion and prove her loyalty to the Empire. Baru plays her long game no matter the emotional rubble, grim counsel and nihilist self-negation it causes. Baru is cold and has empty regard and uses confusion, deception, cold venom and ferocity with fetishist zeal in the course of the grand panorama of the plot right to the baroque coda.

This is an excellent tale of Baru’s brimming well of psychosis and alienation. It shows how she will do unutterably vile things in the course of her functionary brutalist, ferociously aggressive plan. This book will linger long in the memory. Will there be a sequel? Apparently.

Best Lines:
“All the mortar in Aurdwynn reeks of blood.”

“Cursing the name he bore and the vengeance it had earned him.”

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