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‘Twin Town’ (1997) promo

‘Seagull Splat’ ad
What a naughty seagull. No.

‘Scream Queens’ 1x02 promo

Hollyoaks’ opening credits
They’ve had to lengthen the music to fit all the new faces in: Sonia, Lucy, the new family and Grace and Trevor get new separate shots. Also is Robbie gone?

‘Kill Your Friends’ TV spot

Toffee Apple cupcake - okay.
Chicory - yum.
Belgian milk chocolate coated honeycomb - ugh.
Rich chocolate - ok.
Egg sandwiches - yum.

I may review ‘House at the end of the Street’.

‘The Lazarus Effect’ special features Quote:
“All alone in your own misery forever.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“Baby octopuses the chef had literally massaged to death.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Antiquated and unhelpful.”

“A more-age appropriate toupee.”

“I hate immodesty.”

“The beard, turtleneck and medallion look.”

“Safely dead.”

“The absence of his bad conscience.”

“Faultlessly realised spoof character.”

“Synoptic biography.”

“Impetus or genesis.”


“Banned for 20 years from making films.”

“Make panicked wills on camera phones.”

“Self obsessed set of people.”

“Public conversation is fraught with risk, and the private dulled by familiarity.”

“A certain understanding exists.”


“Fringes of the underworld.”

“Profound weakness.”

“Yearning, abasing letters.”

“Stored toxicity.”

“Strangely bereft.”

“Demanding, inconsistent and egotistical.”

“An aged slattern’s mask.”

“Spitefully destroying.”

“Nasty bunch of lunatics, narcissists and sadists.”

“Miserable longing.”

“Sly and vengeful.”

“Wishful self-images.”

“Brooding solitude.”

“People who look odd and may want to kill you.”

“The decaying American dream.”

“Rot away pristinely.”

“Car without taste.”

“The absorbance of life.”

“Channel a lusty gaze.”

“Otherwise, you’d get done for armed trespass.”

“Lacks any focused plan.”

“Cultural fetish for establishing self-reliance.”

“Red Cross food packs for war zones.”

“Filthy meaningless sex.”

“A contractually stipulated safe word.”

“Bombastic genre.”

“Motivational messages.”

“Commercially irrelevant.”

“We can’t let a single one of them get close to the White House.”

“Grubby, flat pointlessness of the endless blood feuds.”

“Aptly shocking.”

“Exchange terse words in grotty bars and back rooms, or just glower meaningfully at each other.”


“Coolly, indirectly.”

“Nasty little car.”

“Fatalistic attitude.”

“Up notes.”

“Ill fated.”

“Overenunciated consonants.”

“Lack of ambition.”

“Photogenic filth.”

“Immensely distracting.”

“Hill peoples.”

“A neighbour she now perceived as hostile.”

“Suffered from paranoid delusions.”

“Do not bow before anything.”

“Such a construction really.”

“So vulgar and glaring.”

“Smelling like a loser.”

“A man of many gurns.”

“90s shoegaze.”

“Bitch, I will beat your ass up in here, do not play with me.”

“There’s no record she exists.”

“Little for the women to do apart from look alluring.”

“Deviant burials.”

“Borderline nothing - but in a good way.”

“Hatred, shame, pity and disgust.”

“Disquieting paper.”

“Supposedly caring instructions.”

“Clumsy, cheesy, self regarding monologue.”

“Sycophantic laughter and applause.”

“Countless affairs and fist fights.”
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