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The Blacklist 3x01&3x02 Reviewed

The Troll Farmer (no 38)
The nasty and ridiculous season 2 was diabolically thin material. Now in this disappointing opener, Red continues his fearless image. Liz is on the run with no sordid realism, serious tensions or raw emotion. The shamelessly superficial Liz bows down to Red’s agonisingly hokey chauvinistic populism with ferocious and bizarre loyalty. Cooper has thoughtful concern. Peter = CIA dude. The idiocy du jour is weak and ghastly. Ressler’s moral obligation is to catch Liz. This was doughy and lacked basic logic. Destructive meddler Red is a wearying chore to watch. The shamelessly superficial plot spurts in dirrhetic clots. Liz bleaches her hair blonde. Red’s motives baffle. Liz needs to comb her hair and wear decent clothes. Instead she does something incredibly stupid.

Best Lines:
“Bass Master.”

“Tiffany lives in Denver.”

“My accusers are criminals.”

“My mother was a Russian spy.”

“You come up hands raised or we come down guns raised.”

“Of course it’s not true.”

“How dark the moment.”

“Get there now.”

Marvin Gerard (no 80)
Tom resurfaces. Red and his sagacious omnipotence bore. Ressler has horrified distrust. Liz is not heartbreakingly pathetic. Ressler stands around pretentiously. Liz exists solely to be looked at and triggers deadly hostility. The Cabal might as well be Spectre for all their omnipotence. This show has not retained its mystique. There is wooden acting and Liz is unperturbed by her own stupidity. Cooper is told to retire but won’t. This ep is full of obvious deficiencies. An obnoxious loser is obnoxious. Marvin (Fisher Stevens of ‘Early Edition’) whines and is a shadow council. Liz is beyond dumb. Red plans a distraction. People are stupid, irksome and frustrating. Red once claimed to be scared of water. Red still won’t talk straight and issues no righteous truth.

Best Lines:
“You dear are not one of them.”

“Did we get the breach order?”

“Any move he makes is in service to their agenda.”

“You’re better than that.”
“Yes I am.”

“Enjoy your muffin.”


“It’s all kinds of wrong.”

“Breach! Breach now!”
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