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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Arrow’ 4x05 promo
John Constantine and his weird accent shows up.

Best Line:
“Return Sara to the grave.”

‘Supergirl’ 1x02 promo
Cat sneers, sexy boots are worn, Kara’s sister whines, Lucy Lane shows up as do a bevy of enemies.

Best Lines:
“He knows?”
“You told him?”

‘Vendetta’ trailer
A guy (Dean Cain) goes to prison. There are fights and a fat baddie (The Big Show). This looks like trash.

Best Line:
“This is my house!”

‘Good People’ trailer

Best Line:
“You crossed a very bad man.”

‘The Gift’ trailer
Two men have violent hatred and anger. No.

Best Line:
“Don’t visit us anymore.”

‘After Hours’ promo
Hell no.

‘Burnt’ TV spot
It’s ‘Kitchen Confidential’ the movie.

‘Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce’ promo

Gluten free strawberry & vanilla granola - yum.

‘The Traitor’ Quotes:

“She volunteered for fidelity conditioning.”

“Sterile proxy conjugation.”

“A diagnosis of heredity nonmonogamy defect.”

“Any rebellion not built on pure faith or rabid hate needs funding.”

“Made him smile, not unpleasantly.”

“The thought had teeth.”

“I thought you would bring yourself to ruin without my help.”

“I loved him without any calculation or reserve.”

“Baru selected another marrow-rich bone and felt for the breakpoint.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“They do not scare.”

“Japing about.”

“Different motivations.”

“Persistently fragile.”

“Dynamic of love.”


“Immeasurable suffering.”

“Locked in a paranoid position.”

“It is irrational, without argument.”

“So insensible.”

“Morality squad.”

“Decisive influence.”

“Ludicrous affront.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:

“Unproductive gathering.”

“A detainment network.”

“Conceptual art performance.”

“Behaved in the most offensive way.”

“Gratuitously insulting.”

“Never realised you could get arrested for swinging at axe into your own TV.”

“Would be regarded with abhorrence and repugnance by any reasonable mind.”


“Low social status.”

“Post-punk pub circuit.”

“Emotional power.”

“Pathos and beauty in the brevity of their tenure.”

“Pretty logical move.”

“Promises sciencilly.”

“Not particularly traumatised.”

“Wheezing ominously and thumping the underclass.”

“Refreshingly devoid of angst.”

“Unapologetically carcinogenic bacon.”

“Surprisingly charming.”

“Crooning geographically appropriate songs.”

“Classless cool.”

“Their social attitudes.”

“Indecently exciting.”


“A lot of negative stereotypes.”

“Co-exist peaceably.”

“Loose, occasionally fractured alliances.”

“The tyranny of structures.”

“New Left men.”

“Very participatory.”


“Denote your failure.”

“Reasonable, tolerant philosophies.”

“Avoid use of sordid realism.”

“Psychologically troubled.”

“Sits madly alone waiting for state-sponsored nemesis.”

“Fascinating and occasionally disturbing musings.”

“This is not a comfortable psyche to dip into.”

“Missing contrary voices.”

“Weighty mass of ancient musings.”

“Great, mumbling enigma.”

“Why he made so many bad professional choices.”


“Yet another carpeting.”

“Talks drunkenly to a mouse.”

“This year’s nasty foreign hoodlum.”

“Disappointingly low-key.”

“Terrifically oily.”

“Hysterically positive.”

“Outdated relics.”

“Shadowy indulgence.”

“Convincingly angry.”

“Surely has punched somebody on every imaginable mode of transport.”

“Awkward reveals that only make sense if you understand the intended allusion.”

“Heart-swelling swarthiness.”
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