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Book Reviews: The Secrets Of Drearcliff Grange School + Daughter of the Blood

The Secrets Of Drearcliff Grange School by Kim Newman
From the author of ‘Mysteries of the Diogenes Club’, ‘Jago’, ‘Life’s Lottery’ and the ‘Anno Dracula’ saga comes this tale of an unusual girl sent to an unusual school. As soon as Amy sets foot on the grounds of her new school, she has a creeping sense that something is up. The pupils spend their time knocking lumps out of each other which is only to be expected but the teachers are odd, kidnappers lurk as do otherworldly menaces and ants. This was good and very enjoyable.

Daughter Of The Blood by Anne Bishop
This 1998 novel is Book 1 of ‘The Black Jewels Trilogy’. The Dark Kingdom has been corrupted by the corruption within the magical Blood. The oppressed dream of Witch, a powerful Queen who will wield awesome power and change things. When she finally comes, it is as a child. And she is in grave danger. This novel is full of sexual violence and the world building and magic system make no damn sense. Where are the Realms actually located? What are Gates and Webs? Why does Daemon not kill Dorothea when he is in one of his absolute furies? Why is Saetan the victim of such badass decay? Why does Saetan not just do something rather than sit on his ass riven by uncertainty? This was ick as Jenelle is seen as malleable and is perved over by grown men and she is a child. She is also subjected to an extraordinary act of violence, this was terrible and daft.

Best Lines:
“Ah, Saetan, look what you’ve sired.”

“When the time came, the bed would be his.”
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