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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Jessica Jones’ trailer
A PI, Purple Man and mind control. Looks dark and creepy.

Best Lines:
“Booze costs money. Usually.”

“What he made me do.”

‘The X Files’ trailer
Mulder isn’t a fox anymore.

‘Jobs’ trailer

‘Cordon’ opening credits

‘Field of Dreams’ (1989) promo

Gluten free lemon tartlet - yum.
Sea salt choc - yum.
Strawberry flavour chew - nice.
Smoked butter - no.
Pumpkin spice latte - no.
Raspberry & Milk flavour chewy lolly - good.
Strawberry & Cream chewy lolly - okay.
Gluten free cinnamon tartlet - good.

I won’t read ‘The Martian’, ‘Sight Unseen’, ‘Little Sister Death’ or ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ 10x20.

I will review ‘The Traitor’ and ‘The Secrets of Drearcliff Grange School’.

Remember ‘Knightmare’ or MTV‘s ‘Fear‘?

Dear unwanted houseguests: thank you for insulting me to my face. You eat and drink constantly and make a mess you fail to clean up. Stop moving plates.

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Poor doors.”

“So irritated by inaccuracies.”

“Precise, unfussy.”

“Without offending the Texan’s sense of morality.”

“Earned release.”

“The aggrieved and the rejected.”

“Intensely opposed.”



“Unpredictable and dangerous.”

“Appalling state of upheaval.”

“Pure atavism.”

“Intractable rivalries.”

“Intense and wide-ranging.”

“Frankly terrifying.”

“A history of amoral, elite good tastes, something which appears to be becoming ever more inescapable as the lifestyle of the rich flies off into places ever more distant from that of the majority.”

“Shamelessly elitist, wilfully sinister, hierarchical, classical, it’s apparent minimalism belied by an obsession with the finest possible material and the severest cut.”

“Laughing, more like it.”

“Things to stay away from.”

“Oh my god, this is not good.”

“Working out how he liked his food cooked (burned, basically)”

“I just didn’t know if it was authentic or not.”

“Thrilling Cities.”

“Baffling plot convolutions.”

“General aversion to subtlety.”

“Show him a precious cultural site and he will most likely drive a car or a motorbike or a tank through it.”

“Ardent gaze.”

“Funk syncopation.”

“Faintly baffling.”

“Landfill indie.”

“Place it.”


“False metal.”

“Scary-macho tics.”

“Utterly destroyed by their delusional addictive dreams.”

“Papal presence of menace.”

“Unembarrassable, uninterruptible and impervious to mockery.”

“Slightly pious deal.”

“Presumptuous and intrusive and inappropriate.”

“Spending my time wiping his pee off the floor.”

“Understandable rage.”

“A lazy, armpit waft of a man.”

“A jarringly bleak outcome.”

“Jeopardy was no-existent.”

“Inessential album.”

“Honest Joe performance.”

“Talismanic life essence.”

“Wonderfully melancholic mode.”

“Resolutely downbeat.”

“Inner rage and conviction.”

“Shambling, mumbling figure in hippy gear.”

“Utterly ghastly confrontation.”

“Medieval bombast.”

“Searching for redeeming features.”

“A sulky recluse famous for not answering telephones or disclosing his whereabouts.”

“Subtle instantiation.”

“Scared of the ocean? Get in that ocean!”

“Egregiously improbable.”

“No internal coherence.”

“Self-satisfied anti-intellectualism.”

“Genuine hostility to academic inquiry.”

“Stonily inert.”

“Phantasmagoric elements.”

“Blatant misfires.”

“Verbal glue-traps.”

“The discovery of letters to Strike, thoughtlessly filed under ‘Nutter’,”

“Very, very proud.”

“Sugary existentialism.”

“How ruinous expectation can be.”

“That is so accusatory.”

“Sex haze.”

“Who has not expressed hostility to the idea.”

“Emotional stability.”

“Tattoo flu.”

“Cold, unloving, rubber-insulated sex.”

‘FTWeeked’ Quotes:
“Defensive, abrasive, smug.”

“This prison is like a really rubbish boarding school that you can’t leave.”

“Indubitable truth.”

“Plots strands dangle, protean and promising, and are never quite resolved.”

“What promises to be a Jacobean pile-up of corpses but isn’t.”

“Strategic silence.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Lindsey’s reveal as the GHK shines a new and unpleasant light her ‘misdiagnosis’ of baby Katy. Is baby Katy’s death attributable to psycho Lindsey too? After all she tried to kill Kath. It explains how she ditched Joe and her baby so easily. Lindsey is cray-cray. The pub’s irritating new owners arrive. Lindsey and Kim stash hypnotoad’s corpse in Trevor’s van. Trevor is busted for hypnotoad’s murder. Charles and hypnotoad are gone from the opening credits.
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