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The Flash 2x02 + Earth 2 (1994 - 1995) 1x01&1x02 + Arrow 4x02 + Supernatural 10x02 Reviewed

Flash Of Two Worlds
An improvement after the horrible 2x01. Will Joe leave and take Iris with him. Barry won’t listen to Jay Garrick’s grim warnings about Zoom because Barry has animosity. Barry has no mindfulness. Zoom (Tony Todd) growls. Snow drools over Jay and forgets Ronnie. Why did the TPTB get rid of Ronnie? Barry has distaste and derision. Joe is dumb and an ass. Patty Spivot shows up. Barry has effrontery and has no problem with locking people up. Joe and Iris bring no added benefit to this show. Joe is all judgement and rejection. Sand Demon attacks. Cisco is a moron. Barry and his despicable actions bore.

Exotic matter and transdimensional energy are blathered about. How did they get Sand Demon’s prints? Jay looks like Kevin Sorbo. How did Jay lose his powers? Patty is in peril Cisco lies about being a metahuman. Barry is all violence, anger, misunderstandings, lecturing and hectoring. Jay gets his helmet back. What is the War Of The Americas? Barry kills someone. Joe’s ex shows up. Will the gang stop calling the Reverse Flash by Wells’ name? There is a dramatic collapse. We get a view of art deco Earth 2 with a monorail and Wells in a nice suit. This was good but I am tired of Barry behaving in a consciously negative fashion.

Best Lines:
“What other worlds are there?”

“His no-code.”

“I didn’t start no fire.”

“I trusted that man.”

“From the War Of The Americas.”

“The Crimson Comet.”

“Horrible things.”

“Everything he did was evil.”

First Contact
From back in the day when they made pilot movies. This has dated sfx and technology. As well as 90s hair and Clancy Brown with a perm. In the future, Earth has been abandoned due to pollution and everyone lives on space stations. But some children are born with a Syndrome that kills them due to the hygiene hypothesis. Devon Adair’s son is one those children so she finances the colonization of G889 to found a new earth so her son and the others will live away from the “sanitised cans” of the stereotypically drab stations.

But as the colony ship prepares to depart, she learns that there are those who want her Eden Project to fail. Bess has a southern accent which vanished in later eps. Devon has eyeliner and lipstick. Bess’ husband Morgan is an ass. Clancy Brown has a massive perm and is an ass. His daughter True annoys. The world’s stupidest bomb is on aboard but Devon (Debrah Farentino) has it tossed outside and launches the colony ship early. The ship splits in two, Devon and the main cast are in the advance ship to prepare the landing site New Pacifica for the second ship which is full of 250 families which will arrive later.

22 years later they awake from cold sleep to discover there was a backup sabotage plan. The advance ship does not land in the designated New Pacifica area but far far away and the people and cargo are scattered all over the land mass. Who is the father of Devon’s son Uly? Why is Morgan so ridiculously stupid? Yale is Uly’s indentured servitude tutor which is creepy (and explored more in later eps). The doctor Julia (Jessica Steen) wears nasty lipstick. Alonzo is the hunk pilot and Julia’s love interest. This was not epochal TV but was incongruously entertaining.

The kids (sick boy Uly and the wretched True) are unsupervised. The dislocated characters stand around on the alien world (filmed in New Mexico) and realise that this time, they are the aliens. The captain who looks like fat Scotty dies or does he? Devon has disarming wistfulness. The huge communications dish was for what exactly? Earth 2 aka G889 has two moons. In this future, there is no money just fund transfer codes. Alonzo is injured. They brought sunglasses.

There is no intelligence, charm or mannered thoughtfulness in this ep. The brusque True meets a rubber G889 inhabitant, Devon and co were never informed that G889 is in fact home to three intelligent indigent lifeforms: The Grendlers, the Kobas and the Terrians (who are eerie men in weird suits). Morgan is shamelessly self serving and insubstantial. The flash-forward ep ‘The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King’ showed the bleak feature of the Eden Project.

Clancy Brown assembles Zero a robot which is truly annoying. Clancy Brown drives a hummer. Bess (Rebecca Gayheart) looks sad and wan. Alonzo (Antonio Sabato, Jr) is injured but somehow is able to communicate with the mysterious Terrians in their dreamscape. Julia is concerned; later on the show would pull a big surprise when Julia was revealed as a homicidally dysfunctional spy. This has no dry sardonic wit. Uly is a wet blanket. Alonzo dreams of caves which have light fixtures in them.

The Terrians make an eerie appearance and take Uly and cure him. Morgan generates conflict. Devon and co start walking to New Pacifica which she estimates would take 9 months. As they do their ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ walk, they fail to notice Tom Curry standing on a sand dune. This was okay but the several eps after this which were all about Tim Curry’s character were dull.

Best Lines:
“Ordered, efficient, sterile.”

“That might be imprudent Devon.”

“Animals don’t carry staffs.”

“There’s a lot we don’t know about this place.”
“Fine time to realise that.”

“Aliens landed on a distant planet and we are them.”

“There are people who do not want you to succeed.”

“Leaving under a no-go.”

“I hate that Devon woman.”

“Open the hatch. There’s nowhere else to go.”

“You did take a bone healer vaccine?”

“We burned everything else.”

“No roads, no structures, no agriculture.”

The Candidate
Why is Oliver so wooden? Felicity is annoying and Oliver lives off her money. Three mayors have been killed and now Jessica (Jeri Ryan of ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ and ‘Dark Skies’) runs for mayor. Felicity gets a boring plot with Mr Holt and workforce reductions. Felicity is synonymous with moron. Jessica was a friend of Moira’s. Felicity is unbearable. The flashbacks epitomise uselessness. Who are the new people on the island and what are they doing?

Oliver whines and lectures. Where is Ray? What happened to Thea’s drug problem? Lance sneers at Oliver. Machin bores. Damien is clearly weary. Lance overacts. Oliver is a total dirtbag. Oliver and co do an overdramatic entrance. There is a fight and a dude goes on fire. This ep did not meet unsaid expectations. Where is Oliver’s step dad? There are spite fights and resentful stares. Disregard this ep. Oliver has zero reciprocity. Felicity is corrosive. Laurel comes up with a plan to dig up Sara’s rotting corpse and plonk her in the Lazarus pit. How long can Lance plot unbeknownst? Oliver will run for mayor. This was dumb and full of unmanageable hatred, contempt and has no prospects and no hope.

Best Lines:
“Thea’s gone pit crazy.”

“I pick shower.”

“Not good enough.”

“Mr creepy.”

“And then you left!”

“They don’t come out the same.”

“Your hand is on me.”

“My sincere threat.”

“This abduction lacks taste.”

“Not different enough.”

Dean killed Cole’s dad. This was not effective and was full of wooden acting and boring angel politics. I don’t care about Cole’s resentment and he isn’t courageous. This show is inextricably boring. I’d say this show conclusively has an issue with women. This risk adverse ep is emblematic of the issues this show has had since season 5. I am unconcerned with Sam. Castiel is boring and ineffective. What is the point of Hannah? Demon Dean bores. Cole confronts demon Dean in a display of bad acting and it is so naff. Demon Dean kicks Cole’s ass and Cole staggers off bleeding.

Best Lines:
“Monsters monsters!”

“I guess even psychos need to hydrate.”

“Exactly what a psycho liar would say.”

“Dean’s a demon? How?”

“That is a vast understatement.”

“Cheating trollop.”

“Heated words were exchanged.”
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