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Movie Reviews: Summer Girl + 2 others

Summer Girl (1983)
This TV movie is about babysitter Cinni (Diane Franklin) who is after more than extra spending money. The frump wife, idiot father Gavin (Barry Bostwick) and dumb daughter and dumb son Jason (David Faustino) are her slack jawed targets. This dated looking misfire is based on a novel by Caroline Crane. The pregnant frump wife dresses like an Amish granny. Dad seems overwhelmed and has money worries. The wife hires Cinni to baby-sit. The wife who seems incapable of using birth control is also incapable of choosing a sane babysitter. This is all non-threatening stagnancy.

Gavin isn’t reassured and is a blamer. The wife is mournfully stupid about her disintegrating marriage. At first Cinni seems like a priss with her fug attire, frizz perm and glasses. But she is actually a mournful hurtful general danger to society. Cinni starts wearing sexy attire and Gavin is tempted. Gavin desperately wants to be the emperor of lad culture again. Wife is happy in her nowhere town rut and competes in a loudness war of whining.

This was inherently atrocious; give me Franklin’s other 1983 TV movie ‘Deadly Lessons’ any day. Cinni kills a jellyfish and pushes someone off a cliff. She hallucinates someone in the mirror and rants. This was not even intermittently good. Wife finally realises Cinni has pushed her out of her family, Gavin stops lusting over Cinni and they want the usurper gone. Cinni and her 80s swimwear and short shorts is defeated because she acts like a child in the ridiculous climax. Cinni gets a slap and is hauled off.

Best Lines:
“Didn’t do anything but lie there.”

“Now I’ve got Gavin. Maybe she’ll kill herself.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong!”

The Snapper
Sappy ridiculous story, that is not insightful or poignant.

The Witchfinder General (1968)
An amoral man gets simple joy from killing ‘witches’ and ruining lives. All general lines of decency are destroyed and there is much unsavoury behaviour, which is regarded as optimal from a societal viewpoint.
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