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Book Reviews: Chapelwood + Second Star To The Right + The Best Little Girl In The World

Chapelwood by Cherie Priest
Book 2 of ‘The Borden Dispatches’ is not good. It’s decades later and a new heroine deals with culturally sanctioned awfulness, coercion and imperiumism with resilient dissent. But you don’t care about her, her plot or her audacity and temerity or the weird incongruities. Enough, this does not give readers inner contement.

Second Star To The Right by Deborah Hautzig
A tale of a perfectionist anorexic. This was mercilessly good.

The Best Little Girl In The World  by Steven Levenkron
A would be ballerina falls prey to anorexia as her oblivious parents obsess over her dodgy and desperate sister. Okay but morbid.
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