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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D 3x01 + NCIS: New Orleans (2014 - ?) 1x01 + Person Of interest 4x02 Reviewed

Laws Of Nature
Inhumans spread and public perception is not good. Daisy and her whore clothes feels she has the right to attack people. She and SHIELD go around imposing their will. How do SHIELD have fuel and money? Perpetual problem Coulson annoys. Joey the Inhuman du jour is maltreated. The POTUS (William Sadler) has no time for Inhumans. Mockingbird is smug faced and horrible. Coulson waves around his fake hand. Mack looms being a nasty anti-Inhuman bigot.

There is a mention of the events of ‘Age of Ultron’ and ‘Ant-Man’. The monolith is kept behind a bit of glass. Fitz’s brain damage has just gone away apparently. Fitz dresses and acts like a bar chef. Who cares about him or Hunter or Mockingbird? Lincoln is asked to help. Rosalind does stuff and is an interesting new character who runs an anti-alien task force named ATCU. Coulson is a smug moron. A monster lurks. Hunter and Mockingbird plan to look for Ward. This was okay. Fitz acts like a loon presumably so he can get Simmons back and she’ll finally have sex with him. As for Simmons, she’s trapped on what looks like the planet from ‘Avatar’.

Best Lines:
“Use lethal force if necessary.”

“I take that back!”

“A bio-morphic event.”

“I’m not a freaking TED talk.”

“Eerily silent.”

“My life is in ruins.”

“Great master of melodrama.”

“This secret, the world’s not ready to hear.”

Musician Heal Thyself
The mothership show has become a caricature and the ‘LA’ spin-off is stupid beyond words. Various characters have fake hick accents. Pride (Scott Bakula of ‘Quantum Leap’ and ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’) looks old. LaSalle (Lucas Black of ‘American Gothic’) is obviously the ‘hunk’ of the show but I still think of him as Caleb Temple. Pride and his ridiculous name takes a case personally. There is babble about OIC, NIIN and NMCI. A weird tech babbles.

The opening credits are ridiculous. Brody has a bad haircut. Their office is silly. The coroner Loretta is the Ducky of this show. Hamilton a bad politician played by Steven Weber seems to be the big bad of season 1. There is a mention of the Irish Bayou. Ducky (David McCallum looking geriatric) guest stars via skype. The case comes down to a fake tattoo, pallets and a wharf. There is also babbling about pigment bases, corruption, crime and this was okay. There are fake tans and paternalism.

Best Lines:
“Rent, drinking money.”

“Angry shark, rabid squid? Even a starfish from hell?”

“Take Brody. Learn things.”

“Dead hazing.”

“You have a blessed day.”

“We’re attached to what we know.”

“Micro punctures.”

“You snore. Loud.”

“Roll tide.”

“Gets done in his own trailer.”

“I’d say he starts running in 3, 2, 1.”

“Stop resisting.”

“Here’s what I’m chewing on.”

There is Rinch subtext and a college student, Claire, who does potentially harmful things. What has happened to the flashbacks? Claire is playing an intensely complex game or so she thinks. Finch is mystified. Root is annoying. Shaw’s plotline does not invite attentiveness. Claire is annoying and caught up in worrisome events. This was serious, intense and good.

Best Lines:
“The game master.”

“Optical head mounted display.”

“Go cow or go home.”

“Nobody can see or hear or help.”

“Frightening thought.”

“The wrong thing is reaching back.”
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