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Reign 2x13 + House Of Cards Season 3, part 4 +The Leftovers (2014 - 2017) 1x01&1x02 Reviewed

Sins Of The Past
The King of Navarre knows Bash and suspects the King’s bastard half brother of killing his brother. Conde broods - dude, you’ll found the Bourbon-Conde line - cheer up. Catherine is shrill. There is a mention of the Italian wars. Did Bash kill the King of Navarre’s brother? Is the horrible accusation true? Probably. Clarissa is mentioned. Catherine has a moral panic and syphilis is suspected.

Does nobody know that Diane is dead? Kenna’s stupidity impacts negatively and she is unquantifiably stupid. Narcisse can’t stop and is all self-centredness, petty conflict, malice and meanness. There is blathering about the supernatural. Catherine is subjected to 16th century medicine. Claude does polite gloating. Mary does polite screaming. Macaroon cakes are on display. Mary meets fierce resistance from Conde. Francis and Mary reap the whirlwind of their bad decisions. Catherine sits in a mercury oven.

Narcisse deduces the true cause of her behaviour and of Henri’s madness. Mary claims she wasn’t seeking to topple Elizabeth, yes you were. Francis has lazy sympathy. The King of Navarre plans to kill Bash whom he judges as the world’s worst bastard. This was good, season 2 is looking up.

Best Lines:
“Since when did you acquire the moral high ground?”

“There is a lot of history between their family and ours. Most of it bad.”

“I don’t want to be remembered as a mad syphilitic queen. Say that I died of consumption while helping orphans.”

“You don’t even have a house now.”

“He’s hells own.”

“A hunting frenzy.”

Chapter 37
Claire says she knows what keeps Underwood up at night? Is it Meechum? Who cares about Claire, Jackie, Remy or Doug Stamper? Jackie makes herself look awful in a debate and then does a high heel face turn, sorta. This was crap. I’ll still check out season 4 though.

Best Lines:
“Judas bitch.”

“As President, he’s failed at everything he’s done.”

Chapter 38
The structure, tone and style of season 3 have been wildly inept. But it looks very prestigious. It’s Heather Dunbar v Underwood for the election. Remy’s quit. Jackie’s changed sides and Seth wants a leg up. Underwood has lost his mojo. Heather is made the same offer she got earlier in the season. This was atrocious and enriches nothing. Underwood reads some of the book Thomas wrote about him and hates it. Kate sticks her nose in. Heather makes a threat. Claire has a crisis and Thomas is a jerk.

Best Lines:
“A redneck from Gaffney married a debutante from Dallas.”

“An empire without heirs.”

“You don’t mean that.”
“No, I don’t.”

“What any of it is worth. What are we doing this for?”

Chapter 39
Rachel lives in a hovel. Doug Stamper attacks Gavin with his cane. I really don’t care about the Underwood’s family narrative. Claire acts like a crazy woman. Doug and Rachel’s story reaches the inevitable conclusion. Thomas and Claire chat. Claire whines about having to ask. Underwood lets Claire have it in an overacted scene. So Claire leaves him. There endeth season 3. Yawn.

Best Lines:
“It’s you that’s not enough.”

“I’m beyond caring.”

I loved the book. This series? Not so much. 2% of the world’s population vanish. It was probably the Rapture. Now three years later, those left behind cope. In Mapleton, Kevin Garvey tries to keep order as police chief. The weird and creepy Guilty Remnant cult lurk. There is swearing, grief and anger. Kevin’s son lives with Holy Wayne, yet another cult leader. This was full of syntactically sound if meaning deficient word strings. Kevin’s daughter Jill and her friends party. There is faux deep introspection and social isolation. This is an inconsistent, blankly scripted farrago with flat dialogue. Gary Busey was Raptured. This was okay but totally in thrall to tonal inconsistency. Laurie and her frizzy hair mope. Why aren’t the Guilty Remnant done for assault? Meg joins the Guilty Remnant after being stalked into it.

Best Line:
“Thank you for underlining that!”

Penguin One, Us Zero
Holy Wayne (Paterson Joseph) has his compound raided. Tom kills someone. The disturbing opening credits debut. Kevin has weird dreams and hardcore tattoos. Meg accepts the malign shady presence of the Guilty Remnant. Kevin is increasingly volatile. Nora acts out. Matt insults the Departed. Tom is part of a confused, muddled, indifferent subplot. Why do Meg and Laurie have such fanatical devotion to the insidiously sinister Guilty Remnant? Weeks have passed since 1x01. The Mayor annoys. What is with the weird questions Nora has to ask people? Meg’s fiancée yells. Laurie is played by the woman who was on ‘Judging Amy’. Why don’t the Guilty Remnant talk? What is with Holy Wayne? Kevin visits his father (Scott Glenn) in a nut ward. Apparently the whole cast of ‘Perfect Strangers’ was Raptured. There are more supernatural hints and WTFness.

Best Lines:
“Next time, just put it in the attic.”

“You owe me a fence.”

“Father nutballs.”
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