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Book Reviews: The Providence Of Fire + Zeroes

The Providence Of Fire by Brian Staveley
The sequel to ‘The Emperor’s Blades’ is distinctly terrible. Adare, despite utterances to the contrary, cares not for her brothers so she does bizarre things, acts like a loon and becomes a would be killer. Kaden ascertains stuff about his family and their history. Meanwhile Valyn has to be resilient as bad things keep happening to him. This was boring, badly written, bizarrely plotted and Adare does dumb, incredibly damaging things for no clear reason. She joins forces with an outright aggressive foe who she stares at in glazed, rapturous fashion and when called on this; makes her excuses. This is ridiculous and don’t pretend it’s anything important.

Best Lines:
“When will he stop?”
“When you are gone.”

Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti
Annoying teenagers have powers and smart mouths and no consciences. But they have sob stories in this conclusively dull, profane and un-fun book.

Best Lines:
Where would I meet guys who rob banks with shotguns?”

“I looked it up - once I worked out how to spell it.”

“You show up in this neighbourhood in one of your fancy cars, people'll think you’re a dealer moving in.”
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