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Book Review: Carry On

Carry On By Rainbow Rowell
Simon Snow was the subject of the novel within the novel of ‘Fangirl’ and now Rowell has written a solo tale of ill-prepared chosen one Simon Snow, his  sleek facade ‘enemy’ Baz, his BFF Penny and adamantly awful love interest Agatha. There is a deconstruction of chosen one tropes, kissing, a rebalancing of magic, perfectly sound assumptions turn out to be wrong and it all leads to an unmistakable confrontation. This is a tale of love and the unattainable and it is an excellent, consistently surprising real page turner.

Best Lines:
“Their whole love-triangle dynamic is so persistently stupid.”

“Am I supposed to be sorry?”

“The Great Vowel Shift of the sixteenth century.”

“Life hasn’t exactly kept its promises to Simon Snow.”

“It’s like drinking a candy bar.”
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