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The Flash 2x01 + Arrow 4x01 + You, Me and The Apocalypse 1x03 + Supernatural 10x01 Reviewed

The Man Who Saved Central City
This was the single worst hour of TV I’ve seen in a long time. The singularity just went away apparently and now its 6 months later. Barry has a boring saccharine daydream. STAR labs is still open somehow. How was fake Wells’ death explained? The city holds Flash day and has rebuilt pretty quick. Cisco is stupid, the captain has a beard, nobody cares about Eddie’s death and Cisco’s brain has stalled. Flash day is stupid. Iris annoys. Snow works at Mercury Labs because Ronnie is dead, again. Shouldn’t the timeline have changed.

Iris annoys. Eddie is the one who really saved Central City but that doesn’t stop Iris panting over Barry. There is 90s level CGI and bad acting. Will Snow become Killer Frost already? Will Joe piss off? Is Cisco doing anything about the fact he is a metahuman?

This was dire and not remotely credible. A glowering malevolent dude (Adam Copeland) lurks. There is terrible dialogue. Fake Wells had a living trust apparently. Barry will not stop being stupid. Nobody cares the real Wells was murdered and had his reputation thrashed. Where is Gideon? And Fake Wells’ secret room? Everyone grins and laughs as the stupidly named Atom Smasher smashes stuff.

Barry’s martyr act bores so everyone bigs him up. Everyone calls Thawne by Wells’ name. Henry gets out of jail in truly stupid fashion - as if an edited video would work like that. Nobody seems to have jobs. There is a Flash signal. Zoom is the new big bad. The gang are murderers. Ungrateful Henry leaves. Joe annoys. Jay Garrick shows up.

Best Lines:
“This wasn’t Grodd.”

“Freak black hole.”

“What if you can’t escape the inrush?”

“He’s not going down.”

“Let’s not let him.”

“Sweet Sarek.”

“Blooming with rads.”

“I’m not the thing you hate.”

“Who promised you that?”

Green Arrow
Magician Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough of ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘Walking Tall’ and ‘Traveler’) and his HIVE are the big bads. Oliver continues his non-participation in sense. Felicity impinges on viewers. Since when did Laurel ride a motorbike? Diggle wears a stupid helmet. Darhk is vexatious, dangerous and resourceful. Felicity is damningly negative. There are more stupid flashbacks showing how Oliver ended up back on craphole island. How and when did he join the Russian mob then? When did he learn to HALO?

Laurel is orange and blonde. Lance’s heart condition seems to have gone away. The Black Canary is in the police station and no-one arrests her. Diggle has an inability to trust Oliver. Felicity can hack anything and is false, misleading, deceptive and frivolous. Smug Oliver’s vacillation annoys. Lance has lost weight. Oliver gets a new costume. Diggle lies. Oliver makes a ridiculous speech that people listen to intently. Darhk and Lance are in cahoots - that interests me. Since stately Queen manor seems gone to the IRS, Oliver and Felicity take over Thea’s penthouse. There is a flashforward and a totally unnecessary Flash guest appearance. This was good.

Best Lines:
“To do my will.”

“We can get a rug.”

“I’m going to kill him.”

“We need you to do better.”

“I despise interruptions.”

“Back off psycho!”

“Do I look happy?”

“The problem dies.”

“The monster you were, inspired monsters.”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“No, that would be ridiculous.”

You, Me and The Apocalypse 1x03
Various threatening situation become idiotic. There is no neat logic, just connotations of blame and illogic is the immovable cornerstone of the plot. There is methodical crap which impacts negatively. This ep was disheartening as Ariel bothers Spike and blathers about Facechaser. A weirdo sucks on 02. People bore and I’m done.

Best Lines:
“Pope Force One.”

“We have moved beyond reason.”

“Woman we assume is mother.”

“The mob has come for its messiah.”


Just why are they still around? There is violence against women, Sam has a bad haircut and Dean is a demon. Naturally TPTB screw up demon Dean before the 1st ad break. The opening credits are ugly. Now Sam cares about Dean. The youthful exuberance is gone. This show is now just a shameless money trap. WTF is up with Castiel and his lack of caring? This show is in a rut. Demon Dean sings Right Said Fred in a karaoke bar. Crowley and Demon Dean are pals. This is properly, deeply and frankly annoying. Who is Hannah? Why do TPTB insist on blighting the show with stupid angel politics? This was not sufficiently interesting. Enough with Castiel and his POCD rasping. Some roided up jackass named Cole lurks and bores. The FBI has forgotten Dean’s existence. Sam cops on that Dean is a demon, finally. There is bad acting and Sam looks like he’s rather eat out of a dustbin. Cole has censure for Sam.

Best Lines:
“A Winchester? One of us?”

“I’m sensing awkwardness.”

“Porn guy.”

“It’s my truth.”

“Fetid Petri dish.”
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