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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Shadowhunters’ teaser
Me like and I like who’ll play Valentine so double yay.

‘The Flash’ 2x03 promo
Captain Cold has a dad. Sigh.

‘The Flash’ 2x02 ending
Earth 2 Harrison Wells gives me hope for this season.

Best Lines:
“The saviour of Central City.”

“Hello kids.”

‘Quantico’ 1x04 promo

Best Line:
“You lied to me this whole time.”

‘The Blacklist’ season 3 promo
Why is Liz so arrogant?

Best Line:
“Let them try.”

‘Scream Queens’ clip
Ariana Grande comes face to face with a killer and tweets for help before dying. We are meant to laugh - and cruelly. And we do.

‘Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me’ (1992) trailer
Eli meets the whitest of white trash in this deliberately sleazy comedy. Hee. This is a new high in low comedy.

Best Line:
“Just die!”

‘Arrow’ 4x02 promo

‘The Last Witch Hunter’ TV spot

Creamy peppercorn & Brandy sauce - okay.

Mark Hamill will be back on ‘The Flash’. Yay.

I’m not a fan of Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth lip balm.

Remember that dreadful makeover show ‘The Swan’?

I will review ‘Supergirl’ and ‘The Final Girls’.

To Die For’ Quote:
“She’s not the person I thought she was, or anything close.”

Deadly Lessons’ (1983) Quotes:
“Somebody killed Althea in the stables this morning.”

“Nobody liked her.”
“Shama! She’s dead!”
“That’s what you said.”

“See where Senator Dean’s daughter was yesterday morning at 5am.”

“Are you happy here Libby?”

“Until she is presentable enough for his kind of lifestyle.”
“I don’t think that statement was necessary Miss Wade.”

“Doesn’t like any of us.”

“Dumb French magazines.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Not a shouting environment.”

“He wore a black leather vest and drank too much. His home looked like a southern gothic haunted house, with rotting clapboard sides, a rusted roof and strange stick-and-feather talismans hanging outside.”

“Promulgation of insecurity.”

“I don’t get emotional about anything.”

“Needlessly mean.”

“Owlish distain.”

“You’re not a big fish. You’re not even a fish.”

“Serial failures.”

“Recriminatory meetings.”

“But of course, he would never call you.”

“Total misery.”


“This sense of hostility.”

“Let’s just say I could not go to the hot tubs for two or three years.”

“More immersive, experimental tone.”

“All the darkness looks so alive.”

“Don’t try to answer accusations.”

“Frequented the squat scene.”

“Instruments of nuisance.”

“Commit no nuisance.”

“Sad but, like, cute.”

“The Mock Shock.”

“Stuff happens in bunkers in Berlin.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Flawed social culture.”

“Have no existence.”

“He stuck a steak knife into me a few years ago.”

“Draw no adverse inferences from that.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I was going to the gun and knife show.”

“I had several knives.”

“We love our home defence.”

“You can’t take ammunition to a gun show.”

“I do weapons.”

“Can you create me.”

“Hacking me and tracking me.”

“He’s obviously not afraid.”

“Advance on my settlement money.”

“I was threatened with home invasion.”

“Don’t pay me any credence.”

“Disparaged my character.”

“Which I cannot forgive.”

“I love charity.”

“I felt very judged.”

“I’m the most famous wife in sport’s history.”

“I live my life in pain.”

“Why hasn’t it happened?”

“Taking a crap-ton.”

‘Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me’ Quotes:
“I will set you on fire!”
“Like you did your parents?”

“I only rent to fine upstanding member of the community. Do you have any references?”
“I know Sabra and Dannie.”
“I’ll make believe I didn’t heat that.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“A man who lived with a Liberal Democrat councillor and his husband in a three-way relationship has been jailed for setting fire to their house.”

“A glittering icicle of distain.”

“So vilely traduced.”


“Worthless stereotypes and other irrelevant points.”

“Trail of torment.”

“Factual inaccuracies, inconsistencies.”

“Understandably sensitive.”

“Unpalatable conclusion.”

“Brutally misled.”

“Non-committal response.”

“Sufficient confidence.”

“Wholly unbelievable.”


“The swan brings snow on its bill.”

“He lives in the dirt, that man.”

“He showed complete lack of contrition, humility and accountability for igniting the fire of allegations.”

I’m on a break from ‘Neighbours’ - they’re all so awful.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Lindsey accuses hypnotoad of screwing Kim. This makes hypnotoad want to run off with Mercedes. Joe comforts Lindsey who finally realises what a mistake she made shagging Joe’s vile murdering brother. Holly bores. Lindsey hurls Kim into the street. Harry throws away his education for Ste. Lindsey confronts Kim. Leah shows up and hates Harry the thief and liar. Kim takes Kath hostage and is hauled off by the cops. Ashley menaces a manicurist. Hypnotoad who has been stalking and obsessing over Lindsey for a decade turns on her. Nancy accuses John-Paul of shagging Harry. Lindsey apologies to Joe. Harry lies. Why are the nurses wearing outfits from a Benny Hill skit? Kim was arrested and now she isn’t. Mercedes’ baby bump looks deformed. Nancy never apologises for maltreating John-Paul. The cops start wearing hats. Trevor goes for Ben. Ashley and her enormous breasts targets Sienna. 20 years ago Tony was a nerd. Hypnotoad abducts Kim. John-Paul’s teaching career looks over, again. Wasn’t he a music lover?

Best Lines:
“I broke your heart. And for what?”

“What affair?”

“You’re in love with him now are you?”

“Robbie’s not capable.”

“Your marriage is a joke!”

“What am I? 5?”

“He’s giving me evils!”

“Are you my dad’s new boyfriend?”

“What do you know about English?”

“He’s a snake!”
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