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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Flash’ promo
Earth 2, Jay, Zoom and Tony Todd. Where is Wells? Go away Iris.

Best Lines:
“Heroes die.”
“Only if you can catch them.”

‘Arrow’ promo
Lance and the baddie, Laurel posing, Oliver being annoying and Sara.

‘Clean Break’ promo

Best Line:
“I’ll break you up!”

I may review the ‘Beautiful Creatures’ movie.

The ‘Doctor Who’ serial ‘The Happiness Patrol’ of 1987 was better than the series 9 eps aired so far.

The 1951 ‘The Lavender Hill Mob’ was a terrible movie as were 2001’s ‘Scary Movie 2’ and 2002’s ‘Swimfan’. ‘The Truth About Cats & Dogs’ from 1996 wasn’t bad.

Le Manif - manifestation.

Gluten free cheese puffs - okay.
Mediterranean potato gratin - good.
Chilli beef - okay.

‘The Affair’ Quote:
“A lot of things happen that I don’t tell you.”

‘Carry On’ Quotes:
“She’s using her quoting voice,”

“There are spirits moving through them who speak languages no one is left to understand.”

“Nothing like him has ever walked the earth.”

“She’d be damned to Slough.”

“Gendered Lego.”

“It’s a dead profession now.”

“Insist on sitting there creepily.”

‘Futurama’ Quotes:
“Aged scrotum.”

“Old man water.”

‘Teen Mom OG’ Quotes:
Phone whore.”

“We’re worthy now.”

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Quotes:
“If they found anything it wouldn’t be an unofficial investigation.”

“Do you think that was wise?”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Silly, historic tea time drama.”

“Fake online outrages.”

“Played like a constipated owl.”

“No sense of authorship.”

“Who has a meaningful stare.”

“Stoical serenity.”

“Intellectual snobbery and power worship.”

“This is the day I was not meant to see.”

“Hatred shot out of them.”

“Her indulgence of her wayward son.”

“Fatal defect.”

“Hellish awkwardness.”

“The diction of a perfumed fart.”

“Ignorance and bewilderment.”

“Irksome sense of its own perfection.”

“Salmon coloured trousers and then men who wear them.”

“Tattooed oiks.”

“Their own urge to micromanage and control.”

“Teeth of steel.”

“A severe case of poetic gloom.”

“Makes us more emotionally demonstrative.”

“Indignant reiteration.”

“Damaging and hurtful allegations.”

“Threatening strangeness.”

“Full-blast performance.”

“Tries to vomit up a painting.”

“Man buns.”


“Listening to what a woman says, but not actually hearing her.”

“Screaming to expel pent-up anger.”

“Very high cage heels.”

“Tiny belt skirt.”

“Why persecutest thou me?”

“Lad problem.”

“Given a final warning by a bar in town for smashing plates, urinating in the beer garden and stripping naked.”

“Not realising how uncomfortable they’re making people.”

“Overly oleaginous, clammily chummy, but with the halitosis of menace.”

“The loud soundtrack must have been compiled by a depressive who’d forgotten his medication. It really was the Muzak from the waiting room of a Swiss Dignitas clinic.”

“He pulled a face that wasn’t kind.”

“Flabby face-cloth fish.”

“A form of self-neglect.”

“I find supermarkets profoundly depressing places.”

“I am too old and too rich to put up with this s##t.”

“I come from the gutter and I am not a compromiser.”

“Response from the grave.”

“Operation Relentless.”

“Continuous-at-sea deterrence.”

“Stark warning.”

“Severe sexlessness.”

“Death sells.”

“Predictive coding.”


“Glowering at ramblers.”

“Her only connection with the countryside is her refusal to take part in it.”

“Moral service.”

“No safe place of refuge.”

“Visual clichés.”

“Absence of any challenge to this narrative.”

“Permanent pay with almost permanent absence.”

“Primitive Palaeolithic bonds of male comradeship.”

“Saying bad words and throwing working-class glances.”

“Increasingly wild attacks.”

“Snotting his brains out.”

“Like some deranged polar bear.”

“Are elitist and reinforce class divisions.”

“Risk hurting and being hurt.”

“Mendaciously professes.”

“Only other export of practical utility: violence.”

“Leaning ponderously.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“What is normal for here.”

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“Unlike so many people I know, I actually like my family.”

“Never made friends locally.”

“Something desperate about her enjoyment of pleasures.”

“Culpable incomprehension.”

“Baroque verbosity.”

Psych’ Quotes:
“What is this man saying?”
“I have no idea.”

“That helps a bit.”

“Tell it to the road.”

‘The Red Bulletin’ Quote:
“Four snakes creeping their way up your body.”

On ‘Neighbours’: The jerk Piper is in the opening credits. Josh was arrested for peptides. Lauren chases Brad like a polecat on heat. Brad won’t take any blame for his foul actions. Josh whines about his assault on Chris coming back to bite him. Brad and his denialsim needs to feck off.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Lindsey is a bitch. Grace and her drag queen wig throws a wet loo brush at Trevor. Hypnotoad should be ignored, dismissed and distained. All the boys get shirtless. Ste is thick. Kim ups the ante. The unpleasant boastful hypnotoad shows off his tats. He needs an air bath.

Best Lines:
“Who’s icing my buns?”

“Try the gutter.”
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