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Zoo 1x09 + Person Of Interest 4x01 Reviewed

Jamie contacts a fellow journalist about Reiden and their self-conscious decadence. This show is an unspeakable shambles. Mitch glowers and sneers. Mitch’s plot is contrived dross. Their boss does not deserve respect or trust as it turns out. Mitch and his growled sarcasm follows the moral story after all despite his poor social skills. Jamie and Jackson have a badly acted moral discussion with Mitch. Jamie is cosseted and pathetic. The FBI target Chloe. Jackson is psychologically and emotionally incapable of not being annoying. TPTB need to end this nonsense. Birds attack. Ben’s boss won’t listen mostly due to Jackson’s cruel indifference which doesn’t help matters.

Best Lines:
“A bit dramatic but very well said.”

“I don’t speak spy.”

“French Intelligence? Oxymoron.”

“A government agent couldn’t afford the water bill for a place like this. Good thing you’re not a government agent.”

“Anything you say to try to indict Reiden will be met with understandable disbelief.”

Reese is now a cop, Finch is a teacher, Shaw is a make up counter chick and Root annoys as is her wont. Root is extroverted, loud and pushy. Shaw does dirty, sneaky stuff. Eli the rubbish gangster has his professional happy face on. Are the Brotherhood the HR of this season? People babble about a mesh network. People babble about AI. Greer bores. Wrongs are rectified. Finch has a crisis of faith. There is Rinch subtext and an irritating blonde lurks. Nobody in the NYPD recognises Reese. Fusco is wallpaper. Who are the van morons? What has Finch found? This was okay idiosyncratic sensibility.

Best Lines:
“I could smell you down the hall.”

“Make happiness a choice!”

“Maybe he was jacking cable.”

“An obsolete and forgotten technology.”

“You go all Rambo.”

“You see something, shoot it.”

“This retail hell.”

“International stealth operation.”

“There is no sanctuary.”
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